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Mental Health

Daily Dose:  Mental Health 

The inter-agency Taskforce has completed the testing of all workers in that dorms except for standalone blocks that serve as quarantine facilities.  This will probably mark the end of hundreds of confirmed cases per day that we are already acclimatised with. 

An issue arising from Dorms is mental health. During the past few months, FW in dorms had their movement restricted. With the end of testing, would the next step be for them to integrate back to society, be it work or allow them time off out of the dorms.

 If we think circuit breaker at home is hard with our creature comforts, then it would probably be a challenge to stay in a room 22 hours a day every day for the last 4 months.

1) 242 cases confirmed

235 Dorms

1 Community (Singapore)

6 Imported cases (2 SC/PR, 2 Work Pas Holders, 1  Depender pass, 1 LT Pass holder). All cases from India.

As mentioned, testing of all workers in the dorms are completed. If there is no spike in cases that are still under quarantine, we would be seeing tampering of cases in the coming weeks.

Despite the end of testing, a new cluster was identified at 66 TEech Park Cresent. It just shows that regardless if this is the end, we have to remain vigilant.

The imported cases continue with cases from India. 

The sole community case is unlinked.

Source: MOH

2) Covid19 testing competed for all migrant workers in dorms

The only exception is the few quarantined blocks

Source: CNA

3)  Managing migrant workers' mental health work in progress.

Reports of self-harm and unnatural deaths are an indication of deteriorating mental health.

Source: Today

4) 2 weeks jail for man who left hostel 4 times while on sick leave for an acute respiratory infection.

Leave the house to buy food and top up credit value of the mobile phone. Singapore PR sentenced to 2 weeks in jail. Frankly, we have no sympathy for such Kens in our midst.

Source: Today

5) Mobile Column Full Route is out.

IF you are planning to watch the Mobile Column, the route is here. If you can watch it at home, it will be great. If not, do remember safe distancing and mask up!

Source: TWD

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