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BenQ GS2 Mini Wireless Projector : The Portable Projector for Everywhere Use

Looking for an outdoor cinema experience?

Forget about drive-through. You can create your own cinematic experience with the BenQ GS2 DLP Projector. All you need is a blank wall or screen, and you could set up your cinema anywhere. It could be your balcony, your backyard or even on your own bed. This wireless projector is small enough to bring it anywhere you desire.

10 Reasons why you should get the BenQ GS2 Projector?

BenQ GS2

The GS2 projector is unlike the 'normal' rectangular shape. Shaped like a mini version of the First Generation iMac, it is encased in a petite 14cmx 14cm x 14 cm cuboid. This Lamp-Free Projector has a shelf life of up to 30,000 hours dependant on usage. 

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider it as your next projector.

1) Portable  and Wireless - Use it Everywhere
BenQ GS2 - Outdoor Use

The GS2 comes in at a lightweight 1.6kg. It is incredibly portable, and it also comes with a bag that can fit the projector and wires. This allows you to bring it anywhere you want with everything you need in a bag. It is so small that you could even bring it out for a trip overseas if you wish.

BenQ GS2 Bag

The best part of this unit is the built-in battery. It can last for 3 hours before you need to recharge it. That is good enough for a full movie on the go. Comparatively, there are not many projectors in this price range that gives you the same flexibility. 

2) East of Use -Auto keystone and Autofocus


Instead of fiddling with the controls or the lens, BenQ comes with autofocus and auto keystone when you first turn on the screen. Should you shift the position of the unit, you just need to press once on the remote to Autofocus.

There is also vertical keystone correct of +/- 40 degree.

3) Wireless and Bluetooth
Connect to devices via wireless projection

The BenQ GS2 comes with Wireless and Bluetooth option. You can connect your phone (iPhones and Android) and computer via wireless projections. That means you can work on projects on the big screen or play games or videos from your phone.

Mirror your phone on the big screen

Casting is a straightforward task. Simply connect to the same WiFi network and the screen would mirror your phone.

4) Connectivity

Other than casting, there are different ways to connect to the GS2. The device has an HDMI input, a 
USB Type-C, USB for multi-connectivity.

You can also connect external speakers pr headphones to the unit although the 4W built-in speakers are sufficient for room use. You can also choose to use the GS2 as a Bluetooth Speaker to play music off your phone.

For more ways to connect to the  GS2, you can refer to the guide here.

It also comes with a Remote control that resembles the RC of the older generation of Apple TV remote. Functional, simple to use and slim. You can also opt to use the BenQ Smart Controller App on your smartphone to control the GS2.

5) Tough Build

Splash Proof and Drop Resistant

This is a projector build for the great outdoor. It is rated IPX2 Splash Proof and have a 0.5 meter Drop Proof rating. Bring it on a camping trip and use your phone to cast movies on it. 

Rubber Shell

6) Aptoide TV Apps

Unlike other Smart Projectors, the GS2 does not have Google Playstore. Instead, it has Aptoide TV that had apps like Youtube, Netflix and Disney + for you to download.

Aptoide TV

 Although the apps are not preloaded, installing these apps takes less than 5 minutes to set up. Additional, Apitoide TV provides many other Apps such as IPTV and games that you can download.


To have a smooth viewing experience, it is suggested to have a good WiFi connection. The GS2 supports both 2.4G and 5G channel. For a more seamless connection, 5G connection is recommended.


7 Safe for Kids

Eye Protection Sensor

The GS2 is probably the only projector that is built with kids in mind. Other than the drop-proof feature, it has an Eye Protection sensor.  The unit will shut down the LED light automatically to prevent the intense light from entering the eyes in case the kids peep into the lens. 

Parental Control

It also comes with Parental Control to allow parents to lock the unit up if necessary. It is a perfect addition for the children room.

8) Great for small room

The GS2 is a short-throw projector. You could easily project a screen of 100 inches in 3 meters. The projection size for this unit is from 30 inches to 100 inches. Given its size, you could place in anywhere in your room to watch your movie. You can even project the screen on the ceiling if you prefer to watch your shows on the bed!

Watch on the ceiling!

It also comes with an adjustable hinge to let project at a comfortable eye level. There is also a threaded hole at the bottom to mount to a stand if needed.
Adjustable hinge with threaded hole

It can be kept easily once it is not used, so you would not clutter your room. This makes it the perfect companion for a small room.

9) Picture Quality

Looks good in a bright setting

The GS2 uses the DLP projector system that delivers sharp images without filters. With a native resolution of 720p (1280 x 720), it is fully compatible with 1080p HDTV input. The unit comes with BenQ exclusive LumiExpert technology that automatically detects ambient light levels and adjusts the suitable brightness.

Looks excellent in dark settings too!

With the 100,000:1 contrast ratio, the colours are as close to the original as it could be. In contrast with a high lumens projector with a lower contrast ratio, the blacks are blacker and whites whiter. With a realistic colour projection, it looks good even when compared to a unit with 1080p resolution over a screen size of 50-80 inches. 

Top: High Lumens, Low Contrast 1080p Projector, Bottom: BenQ GS2

Unlike budget projectors, it also comes with the ability to choose picture and sound mode. You can opt to customise the picture mode as well for this unit.

10) Big Entertainment on the Go
Hookin up a console to it, and you would have big screen fun. The GS2 supports Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Nintendo Wii, Playstation 3 and 4.

You could also spice up family time with an outdoor Cinema Screening, Backyard Party, Private Chill out session, a study companion and more. The options to entertain is up to to your imagination with this nifty gadget.

What we would like to see in Version 2

As fantastic as the BenQ GS2 is, there is always room for improvements. These are some of the upgrades we would love to see in version 2.

1)Higher Lumens with 1080P
High Lumens Projector vs BenQ GS2

The 500 Lumens in the BenQ GS2 is sufficient enough for a dark lit room. However, in a bright lit room, it would be a handicap. Upping the lumens would make it more versatile for the different light setting.

1080p vs BenQ GS2 

The native 720p is good enough for screen size up to 80 inches. With an upgrade of 1080 inch, the image will be sharper.

2) LAN Connectivity 
The unit comes with a wireless dongle and WLAN capabilities. While it is good enough for a standard room, it may have difficulty with the signals in a larger house. A LAN connectivity will be welcoming in this aspect.

3) No Horiztonal Keystone correction

The BenQ GS2 comes with Auto Keystone correction. It also has manual vertical keystone correction. The lack of a horizon keystone correction means that you would not be able to place it on an angle for projection. This would limit the placement of the GS2 in a room.

What's inside the box?
What is in the Box?

The Benq GS2 comes with the following accessories in the box.
  • BenQ GS2
  • Power Adaptor
  • Plug Set
  • Remote Control With Battery
  • Power Cord
  • Wireless Dongle
  • Warranty Card/ Quick Start Guide

 Power Cord and Power Adapter

The Benq GS2 Projector can be purchased from Lazada Store at this link.

Benq GS2

From 8-10 Aug, there is a Lazada Sale at $799 ( Usual Price $849)

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