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National Day


Daily Dose: Happy 55th Singapore

Today we celebrate Singapore's 55th Independence day. The mood may be more solemn but that does not mean we should not celebrate with a smile.

We had achieved much for this little red dot. Despite a pandemic threatening to derail our progress, we had managed to stay in shape. The storm has not passed us yet, but when it does, we know Singapore will continue to stand tall.

1) 132  new case

125 dorms 

1 Community (Singapore)

6 imported (1 WP, 2 Work Permit, 3 Dependant Pass)

The dorms had been cleared on Friday. Numbers are still streaming in as there are still workers in quarantine facilities to be cleared in the next  2 weeks. Nonethless, we should see a tapering down of the numbers soon.

Imported cases are from India, Indonesia and the US. These countries had a worse number of case that Singapore. The imported cases continue to be a concern as most of them are work pass, work permits or dependant passes. Given the origin of the country with high infectious rates, there should be a rethink if testing is necessary BEFORE allowing a flight to Singapore.

Source: MOH

2)  ABC Brickworks hawker center, GV among places visited by COvid19 cases

Despite the low community cases, we do have very 'active' people who are heading out when infectious

  • ABC Brickworks on July 27 between 12pm and 1.30pm
  • Golden Village cinema in Jurong Point on Aug 1 between 11.40pm and 1.40am
  • Tang Tea House at Block 414 Jurong West Street 42 on Aug 1 between 5.30pm and 8.30pm
  • Sheng Siong supermarket at 200 Woodlands Industrial Park on Aug 2 between 9.40pm and 10.10pm

Source: Today

3) New Dorm cluster 

One new cluster at a dormitory was reported. It is located at 35 Kian Teck Way and now has a total of 25 coronavirus infections.  The dorms may have ended the testing, but new clusters continue to emerge.

Source: CNA

4) Some Activities permitted for 7th Lunar Month

Some activities for the seventh lunar month are permitted as long as Covid-19 guidelines are adhered to, while getai performances, live music, live auctioning and dinners are not allowed

Source: Today

5) CATCH NDP 2020 today!

Catch the full event and timing here

Source: TWD

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