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On the Road to Recovery

 Daily Dose : On the road to recovery

0 Community case reported. This was the first time that it was at zero since June 1. Additionally, cases reported were below the 100 mark for the 3rd time in many days. 

With the low rates, it's time to look forward. Singapore is even considering travel green lanes in the near future with lesser restriction.

Nonetheless, we have the opportunity to learn from other countries that had evaded the virus for weeks/months. They were doing fine before reopening of borders and relaxation of social distancing caused another wave of disruption. This is not the time to throw caution to the winds but to remain guarded so we can at least enjoy some resemblance of the past norm.

1) 83 new cases reported

  • 79 Dorms
  • 4 Imported (2 Work Pass, 2 Dependant Pass)
  • 0 Community

There are now 21300 workers left in quarantine. Imported cases still occur with all of them from India. India has formed the bulk of imported cases since June. While we welcome back our citizens and PRs, it might be more prudent to assess the impact of opening the borders to long term passes. It is a tad unbalance to have at least the majority of imported cases from 1 country.

Source :MOH

2) Spore may consider replacing 2 weeks of Covid19 isolation with a rigorous testing regime for travellers.

It will not open up to all regions but International travel could start with other countries and territories where virus transmission risk profiles are "similar to or better than" Singapore's, he said, noting such locations made up about 40 per cent of the country's pre-pandemic passenger volumes.

Source: Today

3) Fairprice Group launches meeting free Friday afternoons to address fatigue.

Should apply across companies who implement work from home. WFH is a double edge sword. While it may save time on commuting, you might end up working more as the line between work and home blurs.

Source: Today

4) DPM Heng to deliver a ministerial statement on Monday

Expect more support for workers and business.

Source: CNA

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