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 Daily Dose: Back to Triple-Digit

After 2 days of confirmed cases falling below 100, it is back to triple-digit for Covid19. Together with the numbers, it is reported that another 800 FW was quarantined after a previously cleared dorm has a positive case(s). 

This shows we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. 

1) 102 confirmed covdi19 cases

  • 91 Dorms
  • 5 community (1PR, 4 Work Permit)
  • 6 Imported cases

The continue detection of work permit cases in the community highlights the possibility of cases that can transfer back to cleared dorms should the workers work in the same vicinity.

As the group outside of dorms have less stringent monitoring, it might be good if they are separated from the workers from dorms to prevent cross-infection.

While the numbers are back to above 100, it is not unexpected. Currently, there are still 21,700 workers to be tested  

Source: MOH

2) 1100 workers cleared of quarantine from Dorms, 91 reported positive.

If we use this rate of infection (about 8%), we might see another 1000+ cases before we are cleared in the coming days.

3)  800 workers newly quarantine after the discovery of Covid19 patient  in the cleared dorm

 The agencies did not provide details of these new cases but they said that the Interagency Task Force is actively monitoring the dormitories to manage the risk of new outbreaks.

Source: Today

4) Singapore car growth rate to remain at 0% till Jan 20200

Singapore will continue to freeze its vehicle population growth for another year due to uncertainty over travel demand patterns amid the COVID-19 situation, said the Land Transport Authority (LTA) 

Source: CNA

5) Ships carrying ammonium nitrate to Singapore, port storage facilities inspected as part of the regulation.

The dangers of the explosive material have been in the spotlight since the Beirut blast on Aug 4 which killed more than 170 people.

Source: CNA

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