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Pre Test for Covid19 for Travel : Is it necessary?


Daily Dose: Pre Test

Should pre-testing of Covid19 be part of travel criteria for high-risk countries?

For Singapore, Covid19 test are done on visitors and returnees when they arrived in Singapore. In China, those from Singapore required a pretest before arrival. 

Given that high-risk countries, infection rates are in multiples compared to local rates, would it be ideal if we adopt the same stance as China for high-risk countries?

1) 60 New Covid19 case

  • 47 Dorms ( 29 quarantine, 19 surveillance)
  • 3 Community 
  • 10 Imported Cases (5SC/PR, 2 WP, 2 DP, 1 LTVP)

While the overall numbers look low, the underlying causes may be worth a second look.

For Dorms cases, 18 cases are detected through surveillance testing. This is cases that were previously in dorms that are cleared of Covid19. Given the number, there is a high chance that it is premature to call the end of spread in the dorms.

For the imported cases, they are from India, Philippines and the US. Given that these are all high-risk countries, it might be time to consider a pre-entry swab test for those who are on long term passes or work passes before allowing them entry. This is not an uncommon practise as China is doing the same for those heading to China from Singapore.

For community cases, 1 is unlinked. The other 2 are related to previous cases

Source: MOH

2)  Hawker centre in Mountbatten Road visited by Covid19 case 10 times in 10 days

The person(s) must be a fan of a stall there...

Source: Today

3) Special arrangement for people travelling from Singapore to China to get tested for Covid19

This comes after 14 people were confirmed to have Covid19 from a flight from Singapore in Scoot. 

The test will cost S$186 and passengers will be informed of their results within 48 hours.

Source: Today

4) Singapore, Thailand to expedite discussions on reciprocal green lane travel arrangement.

Business travellers may be heading to Thailand soon...

Source: Today

5) One of 2 hosts fined $4000 for unlawful gathering in Compassvale Crescent flat during circuit breaker.

Cassie Ong Shi Hong, who was then the fiancee of the homeowner Leong Chee Mun, 37, pleaded guilty to an offence under the Covid-19 (Temporary Measures) Act.

The Straits Times understands that they are no longer engaged to each other.

The couple host a party with a total of 18 people. Most have been fined from $2500 onward, making this an expensive gathering!

Source: ST

6) Salary Criteria for Employment Passes and S Passes will be raised.

This is meant to deter the employment of foreigners over locals due to wages. 

Currently, those on Employment Passes need to earn at least S$3,900 a month, while S Pass holders earn a minimum of S$2,400 a month.

While this might help the lower-income group, the online chatter from PMET is that this policy did not address the issue/conception that some companies higher management are mostly foreigners. Thus, this policy does not have any impact as they are in a higher income bracket.

Source: CNA

7) P1 Phase 2C Supplementary Balloting : Full school list

Last chance to choose P1 School for your child for 2020. Does your child need balloting?

Source: TWD

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