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Yoon Salon Reviews : Why Choose a Salon Over Barbershop?

Need a trim?

Before you head down to your regular barbershop, you might want to consider the experience in a salon.

A barbershop is ideal if you are on a budget. You just need to head into one, sit on the barber chair and have a buzz cut. It is hardly an experience and more like a no-frills ‘chore’ you must do every month. On the other hand, heading to a salon is a different ball game altogether. For many, a trip to it is akin to a relaxing journey. Compared to the Barber Shop, it is less of a chore, but more of a pleasure. Contrary to popular beliefs, a saloon is not just a place for the ladies, it is also a popular choice destination among men too.

More Styles

For a typical barbershop, if you are looking for a fuss-free trim, it will be quite standard. Short on the sides and slope on the back. A stylist at the saloon would provide a much more diverse range of cuts. From fade, undercut, slicked back, tapered, or textured top, the stylist would have more experience in dealing with these modern styles. Moreover, a stylish is usually on point with the current trends and would provide you with useful advice on how your next style should be like.

More Services

If you are looking to more than a snip and would like to do additional works such as colouring on your mane or perm it a wavy look, a typical barber would not be up to the task. First, they would not have the same styling equipment as the salon, next they would probably not have the expertise to do colouring as well.


More Personalised

A barber probably worked on more heads per hour in comparison to a stylist. For a regular cut at the barbershop, a 10 minutes trim would be typical. In contrast, at a salon, you would typically get to wash your head, have a cut and a chit chat session with your stylish followed by a blow, dry and styling session to complete the experience. It would not be surprising that a visit to the salon can take up to 1 hour or more, depending on what is done for you. It is often unrushed, with you feeling pampered at the end of the experience.

With more versatility, a trip to the latter would tend to command a higher fee. For the services rendered, it would be worth every penny.


Yoon Salon: More Than Just A Haircut

If you are looking beyond a staple cut, this stylish chain will pull all stops to please. With 3 outlets located in the central region of Singapore, it is accessible to the masses. The shops are located at Midpoint Orchard, Havelock II and Queensway Shopping Centre. Additionally, they use only premium and gentle products to pamper and rejuvenate your luscious mane.

Here are some of the services you could do at YOON.

Custom Cut, Premium Hair

To kick off the experience, a stylist would first assess your face shape, complexion to recommend a cut that would suit it.  Other than facial appearance, your personality will also be considered to create an individual style. Choose from the wedge, graduated, blunt and layered cuts. After the session, it will be styled professionally to create the desired look.

This service is suitable for long/ short looks, kid’s cut or fringe cut. For guys, this would be the primary service to choose.


Update Your Colour Look

If you are interested in adding a little more colour to your life, a change in the mane’s colour would do the trick. From Grey Hair Coverage to One-Tone Colouring, this could easily change one’s appearance. 

Dyes will be carefully selected and blend to create a high-quality colour before application.  Once done, it will be lace under the thermal machine. This allows colours to blend into the strands to achieve a vibrant shade for your desired look. For colouring option, you can choose to be subtle with a lighter shade or bold with the multicolour to give your locks a vibrant look. If in doubt, ask the stylist for advice.


Straighten Out Frizz

This one is for the ladies out there. Frizzy tresses are not uncommon under Singapore humid weather. You could opt for straight rebond or soft rebond. Professional equipment will reset the bonds in each strand, and neutraliser will be added to the tresses to keep them straight. This is to prevent breakage, leaving it silky, shiny, and sleek.


Up Your Hair Volume

Other than straight rebonding, Volume S-Curl Rebonding and Volume C-Curl Rebonding is also available. If you are looking at something less permanent, perming allows you to experiment with different styles just as Korean S Curl, Korean Wave, Japanese, Root Volume, Pin Curl, Twist and Classic Perm.


Rejuvenate Your Crown

Going to a salon is more than just a haircut, sometimes you need to pamper your roots too. A hair defrizzing treatment may be necessary to repair and strengthen those lovely locks.

As for hair regrowth treatment, those with dandruff issues or balding issues might want to give this a go. It is suitable for exfoliating scalp, treating oily, dry, or sensitive scalp and even alopecia.


Get the Classic Treat

Do you know that some would just head to a salon for a wash and blow session without any haircut?

This is especially so for ladies who would like to prepare for a glamourous night out or a job interview. That said, some men would do the same too.

Yoon Salon: Value For Money

As you can probably tell by now, a salon provides more than just a trim. For those who have yet to try this experience, you could make an appointment with YOON. Enjoy the first-time offer for $28 for any of the treatments listed below.


Make your appointment and redeem the exclusive offer here



This post is brought to you by YOON.

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