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PRISM+ C270 Review : 8 Reason Why This Should Be Your WFH Monitor

So you are still Working From Home?

If you are working from home and using only a small laptop to work from, you would probably find your eyes straining at the end of each day. If that is the case, what you need is a new monitor to make work more productive and rest your weary eyes.

Here are 8 reasons why you should consider the PRISM+ C270 as your WFH companion.

1 The Glorious 27-inch screen

Say goodbye to tiny fonts. On a 14 inch laptop, with limited real screen estate, one cannot afford to enlarge the font size. With PRISM+ C270, it comes with a 27-inch Monitor screen that would almost double your workstation. 

Source: PRISM+

With a 1500R curved monitor, it will immerse you in your field of view as opposed to a flat-screen. Not only your eyes will thank you, but your neck will also be free of aches as less turning is required for a comfortable viewing angle.

The large screen size also meant that splitting screen would be possible. Great for those who are trading from home.

2 Vibrant Colours with Wide Colour Gamut at sRGB120%

Compared with PRISM+ C240

With a gamut volume of 120% sRGB, it means a delight visually. In layman terms, this translates to higher colour accuracy, consistency and vibrancy. If you are in the advertising or media line, you would find this most appealing. Colours represented are true to life on the Full HD 1920 X 1080 screen.

Vibrant Colours

We did a comparison with the C240 with 100% sRGB Gamut Volume and the difference was obvious. The vibrant colours are great for photographers, graphic designers and content creators like us!

3 Maximum Zero  Bezel

Zero Bezel

Do you want to look 'cool' while you work?

Then bezel-less monitors would do the job. The look of black borders around the screen can be a tad 'old fashioned' as compared to zero-bezel monitors. The C270 has an ultra-slim Zero Bezel design that will maximize every inch of the screen. This also means it would look less chunky on the desk. 

With Zero Bezel, if you choose to place 2 monitors side by side, you could also have an almost seamless screen, making each viewing experience a delight.

4 Eye Care Technology

Eye Care Technology

If your work requires you to work long hours facing the screen, you need to get a monitor that will protect your eyes. With adjustable blue light emission and a flicker-free panel, the C270 is not just a monitor for work, but one purposefully build to ensure your eyes remain comfortable regardless of the hours you stared into it.

For older folks like me, it is a plus as eyes muscles tend to weaken with age.

5 Ease of Setup

This sleek monitor is a plug and play device. You can use it straight out of the box or use the universal VESA mount to equip monitor arms for multi-display. The only assembly needed was the monitor stand and that took less than a minute to set up.

PRSIM+ also has different types of monitor arms available to help you create the perfect workstation setup for your WFH needs.

6 Best in Class

PRISM+ uses Samsung A+ panel. This means top in class quality ensuring that you only get the best for your bucks.

Besides, the curve and the sleek design makes it a great looker on any desk.

7 Affordable Price

Speaking about price, you would have thought that a monitor with these specs would go for $350 upwards.  Coming at a touch below $300 at $289 ( usual $499), it is not only best in class, but one that provides more value. It is hard to resist one at this price given what the competition is offering.

Although the model does not come with speakers, it does have an output for headphone or speaker. Alternatively, you can connect wirelessly from your laptop to Bluetooth speakers for the job.

8 Support Local

PRSIM+ C240 and C270

Lastly, if you find PRISM+ familiar, it will be because it is a local brand made good. Renowned for the quality of their Monitors, they had since diversifying into Smart TVs. We heard that even an Android TV might be in the works.

No need to look overseas for quality, go local. They are just as good and better value for money!

With the affordable price, you might even consider getting 2 monitors for your work. We recommend the smaller 24-inch monitor, PRISM+ C240 if space is a constraint.

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TWD was provided with a unit for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.

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