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A New Low


Daily Dose: A New Low

Singapore has a new low of 22 covid19 cases since Circuit Breaker. It is good progress. However, 1 day does not make a trend. If it happens for the next few days, it will be bluer skies for Singapore.

1) 22 New Covid19 Cases

  • 18 Dorms  ( 9 Quarantine, 9 Surveillance)
  • 3 Imported Cases (1 PR, 1 Work Permit, 1 Dependant Pass)
  • 1 Community ( Work Pass Holder)

The numbers are encouraging. The only downside is the continued cases picked up by surveillance. This would mean possible new clusters which would lead to more lockdown in the dorms.

Imported cases are from India and the Philippines. India is now the world's number 2 highest Covid19 country after the USA.

Source: MOH

2) 13,000 visitors barred from returning to work after missing deadline for Covid19 test

Some 13,000 foreign workers will not be able to return to work after they have missed the deadline to undergo the fortnightly Rostered Routine Testing (RRT) last Saturday (Sept 5).

Source: Today

3) Trial to start on Oct 1 to allow organisers to hold business events with up to 250 attendees

Meetings, Incentives, Conventions and Exhibitions industry supported more than 34,000 jobs with an economic value-add of S$3.8 billion

Organisers will need to get approval of their plans from Ministry of Trade and Industry

Among other things, they must demonstrate their ability to implement safe management measures to meet a set of health and safety outcomes

With this trial, could gathering be increase from 5  to 10 or even 20?

It could also mean that the possibility of holding mass events like religious gathering, weddings might be in the cards if this works out.

Source: Today 

4) Weekend entry restrictions at Lucky Plaza , Peinsular Plaza has led to a large drop in earnings

Tenants and shopowners at Lucky Plaza and Peninsula Plaza said business has plunged by up to 90 per cent

They questioned the rationale for applying restrictions only on the two shopping centres

One tenant suggested capping the number of people entering the malls instead 

Source: Today

5) Seven Shopping malls, ICA Buildings added to list of places visited by Covid19 community cases while infectious

The shopping centres are VivoCity, Lucky Plaza, AMK Hub, Mustafa Centre, E!Hub @ Downtown East, Paya Lebar Square and Wheelock Place.

Source: CNA

6) New Guidelines for price transparency to stamp out fake discounts, hidden add on fees in ads

Businesses that engage in misleading advertising practices have two months to clean up their act.

They will not be able to, for instance, advertise airline tickets for $1,000 without stating additional charges upfront, such as a $100 booking fee and a $200 fuel surcharge. 

This sounds like what the airlines are doing ...

This is timely as there are many 'promotion's that are misleading ( high delivery fee not stated, GST excluded from advertised price, extra conditions, etc) 

The guidelines cover four areas: drip pricing, price comparison, discounts, and use of the term "free".

Source: ST

7) Alleged Victim in SMU Molestation case says male friend tried to kiss her repeatedly

This case has several red flags. Study alone Overnight with guy, watch Netflix instead of study, girl has boyfriend, did not leave after the first few attempts made by the guy. 

While what the guy did was wrong, the overall impression one gets from the report is not as straightforward. 

Source: ST

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