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Fav Florist Review : Flower Dome and Bouquets

Ever ordered a bouquet of flowers online and was disappointed?

There are times when what is presented on the website do not match up to what is delivered. This was NOT one of them!

When we ordered a Flower Dome from Fav Florist, we were suitably impressed. This is one of the rare time that the flowers delivered exceeded expectations from the moment we receive the package. 

The Box

Let's start with the packaging. 

The box comes in classic black with fav florist logo embossed against it. Secured with a ribbon on top, the box itself is a work of art. Unlike the flimsy white boxes that usually comes with delivery, this box on its own will impress the receiver. 

The Flower Dome

Underneath the box is a beautifully crafted Flower Dome. We ordered the Mystic Blue Preserved Flower Dome(LED) and was suitably impressed. A single blue rose in a dome and the specially curated fillings in it gave off a mystical vibe. 

The wife said it reminded her of the K Drama It's Okay to Not Be Okay.  a fairy tale romance drama that we both enjoyed. A true masterpiece.

A Flower Dome would make a more interesting alternative to the bouquets. The main reason is that it would last longer and one could admire it for weeks or months. It will also look great on the desktop, acting as a reminder of your sweet thoughts to your love ones.

Our favourite part?

It lights up! 

Powered by  3AAA batteries, this flower domes light up the room when you switch it on. It not only looks great in the day, but it also allows you to admire it at night. 

As you can tell, we love it!

About Fav Florist


Fav Florist started out as a small business selling affordable yet fresh flowers bouquet. They are reputed to selling flowers that look exactly like their website. We beg to differ as the flower dome looks much better than what we see. 

You can get your flower delivery online here. They also have a small shop front at the following address.

11 Sin Ming Road
Thomson V Two
Singapore 575629

Opening Hours


TWD was provided a flower dome for the purpose of this review. All opinions are of our own.


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