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David vs Goliath

 Daily Dose: David Vs Goliath

A domestic worker took on the accusations from Changi Airport Group Chairman Liew Mun Leong and family and WON.

The court deemed that she was wrongly accused of stealing and the helper who worked for 9 years with the family was acquitted. This is a classic David vs Goliath scenario.

While Ms Patri is now free, would there be actions against a fraudulent the accusation that had already derailed 4 years of a person's life?

1) 40 new Covid19 Cases

  • 23 Dorms (5 Quarantine, 18 surveillance)
  • 4 community ( 1 Work Pass, 3 Work Permit)
  • 13 imported cases( 4 SC, 2 PR, 1 Work Pass, 5 Work Permit, 1 Student Pass)

The dorms cases still dominate albeit at a lower number. The daily number of cases from surveillance indicates that there are more cases left undetected despite the dorm clearance last month. This is not a good sign as it would imply potential clusters and thereafter potential lockdown in affected forms.

Community Cases have unlinked and 2 linked cases.

Imported cases are from India, Philippines and Indonesia. The countries featured has almost become a daily occurrence since Singapore reopen its borders to Long Term Pass holders.

Source: MOH

2) 3 new clusters added to dorms.

There are now a total of 10 clusters eversince dorms are cleared for checking. This is deja vu all over again.

  • Cassia @ Penjuru ( 13 cases)
  • CDPL Tuas Dorm ( 7 cases)
  • Kranji Lodge 1 ( 5 cases)

Source: MOH

3) Lucky Plaza, Raffles Holland V Mall and Jewel added to the places where Covid19 had visited.

Take note if you had been in the vicinity during the dates stated

Source: CNA

4) Beauty Parlour, 5 F& B outlets fined for breaching Covid19 safety measures

Mei Mei Beauty at People's Park Complex was penalised for offering threading services "where the thread was held in the beautician's mouth", the statement said, adding that this practice is currently disallowed.

Composition fines were also issued to King of Fried Rice Management and Leng Saap @ Rot Fai Market at Golden Mile Tower, New Udon Thai Food at Golden Mile Complex, as well as Little Myanmar and Yanant Thit at Peninsula Plaza.

Source: Today

5) 41 cases remove form total Covid19 tally due to mostly administrative errors

These were wrongly recorded or duplicated entries, or those that were reclassified following laboratory investigations and clinicians’ assessment, added the ministry.

Source: Today

6) A restaurant that provided customers with drink games ordered to cease operations.

No Safe Distancing, Groups of more than 5, allowed alcohol after 1030pm and on top of that provided drinking games. This one really no law.

Wang Zi Chu Fang, located at 191A and 199 New Bridge Road, failed to ensure that there was a safe distance of 1m between groups of customers and that group sizes did not exceed five people, said the Singapore Tourism Board (STB) on Sunday (Sep 6).

During a joint enforcement operation between STB and the police on Saturday at 12.25am, the restaurant was found to have provided customers with drinking games.

"Under the COVID-19 (Temporary Measures) (Control Order) Regulations 2020, food and beverage establishments are not permitted to provide games if they are not also an amusement centre. Further investigations are ongoing," said STB.

Source: CNA

7) Police, Manpower Ministry looking into cases of ex-maid acquitted of stealing from CAG Chief in light of the judge's comments.

Fake evidence, engineering false charges, illegal deployment were all 'exposed' as a result of the acquittal. While the domestic worker Ms Parti had spent 4 years to have her name cleared, there was an eerie silence from the original accusor regarding this case. With red herrings exposed, would there be any action against the CAG Chief, the man touted to have made Capitaland a success?

This looks like a David vs Goliath battle in the works.

Source: ST

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