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Are we in control?


Daily Dose: Is Covid19 in control in Singapore?

We have over 57,000 infections. Despite the high number, the situation in Singapore seems to be well contained.

- No patients in intensive care

-27 Deaths, the last one was n 14 July. 

-Low Community Cases

- Rank 52 worldwide, but the LOWEST death rates among the top 120 countries.

Looking at the numbers, it would be undeniable that Singapore has done a good job despite the high numbers. If you have been out during the weekends, you would probably notice more crowds at the malls, more people at attractions. We have a sense of normalcy sans mask-wearing. Perhaps there is a positive correlation.  

Keep it up Singapore!

1 ) 49 new Covid19 cases

  • 40 Dorms (31 Quarantine, 9 surveillance)
  • 1 Community ( Work Permit)
  • 8 imported Cases(1 SC, 1 PR, 4 Work Permit, 2 Dependent Pass)

The dorms cases continue wit 9 detected from surveillance.

Local community spread remains low with only 1 work permit holder case

Imported cases are mainly from the Philippines and India with 1 from USA.

Source: MOH

2) NUS cafe The Spread visited 3 times by Covid19

Let's hope it will not spread at The Spread. Take note if you have been to the following places.

  • Ameen Makan House at 4 Cheong Chin Nam Road on Aug 30 between 12pm and 12.45pm
  • The Spread at 15 Kent Ridge Drive on Sept 2 between 12.15pm and 1.10pm, on Sept 4 between 1.10pm and 2.10pm, and on Sept 7 between 3.45pm and 5pm
  • Clementi Mall on Sept 4 between 5.25pm and 6.20pm
  • Waterway Point in Punggol on Sept 6 between 7pm and 8.55pm
  • Tekka Centre on Sept 9 between 12.25pm and 1pm

Source: Today

3) WHO reports record one day increase in global Covid19 cases, up over 307,000

While Singapore is enjoying the luxury of freedom despite Covid19 cases, it is a different tale globally

Source: CNA

4) Book Actually bids farewell to Tiong Bahru

It is now an online store.

Source: CNA

5) Weekend entry restrictions lifted at Geylang Serai Market.

Footfall limited by capacity caps

"It doesn't make a difference. The safe distancing ambassadors are very strict with controlling the crowd, so it's not like more people can come into the market now," said Mr An Raihan, 35, who runs a sundry goods stall.

He lamented: "This doesn't make much sense to me, because there is no control on the number of people upstairs on the second floor."

Source: ST

6) Living with Covid19: The New Normal

Long but interesting take on what is the new normal during this Covid19 era

Source: ST

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