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Easy Hacks Every Table Tennis Lover Should Know

Do you play ping pong?

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Also commonly known as ping pong, table tennis is a sport we’ve all played at least once in our lives. It’s really one of those accessible disciplines that allow people to have fun, enjoy a good workout, showcase their competitiveness, and improve their skills in no time. Now, whether you’re a novice or a more seasoned player, there are many ping pong hacks you can use to boost your gameplay, hone your strategies, and dominate your opponent every single time. Without further ado, let’s dig right in!

Warming Up

While it often strikes as a mere leisure activity, table tennis is, in fact, a discipline that involves tactics, fast pace, and athleticism. For reference, it was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1988. As such, great ping pong players understand the importance of a pre-game stretch and warm-up; it allows you to get in a good physical condition and prepare your muscles adequately. Warming up also reduces your risk of strains or serious injuries.

Mastering the Grip

One of the most elemental precepts of ping pong is mastering the racket grip. After all, investing in a quality paddle won’t do any good if you can’t handle it properly, much like buying an Aston Martin without knowing how to drive. Evidently, a firm, solid grip is key to winning the game and striking the ball just right. There are several types of grips you can experiment with until you find the one that best suits your style and strategic needs.

Fixing Dented Balls

Players of all levels deal with one major annoyance: dented balls. Standard ping pong balls are ultra-compact and lightweight, at just about 2.7g (less than 0.1oz) and with a diameter of 40mm (1.56in). This makes them extremely fragile. Thankfully, whether it’s from a powerful shot or a less-than-gentle press, you can easily fix dented balls using very simple methods. With some research, you can find out how to mend ping pong balls using hot water, or even a hairdryer!

Boosting Your Spin

In ping pong, spin means everything. Basically, it’s your ability to serve or return a ball at an angle that makes it spin and increases the control in your shots. A topspin can take your opponent by surprise. Now, while beginners have a tendency to want to impart power and speed to their balls, the spin effect really is the best way to develop precise, effective gameplay. As we’ll see, tactics and positioning are key to hitting a ball with spin.

Mixing Up Serves

Instead of relying exclusively on flat, speedy, soft, or spun serves, try a combination of all. A diverse and unpredictable serving style can help you score points by confusing the player in front of you. Just like you would at tennis or squash, identify your opponent’s weaknesses by watching how they move, serve, and throw, and use them against him/her.

Varying Your Tactics

In a similar vein, don’t let your adversary read you like an open book. If you keep using the same moves or rely on the same ball return spot and positioning, you’ll be swiftly out-played. Again, target their weaknesses: if they have a strong forehand, use a powerful topspin to throw them off-balance on their backhand side. Garner your strength and play strategically to develop effective combos that will help you win.

Positioning and Footwork

Your ability to move and position yourself on your side of the table is primordial. In ping pong, you need to be quick on your feet in order to decrease your reaction time and be able to respond to a sneaky serve or a flawlessly calibrated shot. As such, improving your footwork and placing yourself strategically will allow you to improve your coordination, tactics, and response; this is what separates the amateurs from the experts.

Game Pacing and Breathing

Last but not least, take control of the game! Be on the offence as much as possible, as this will increase your chances of outmanoeuvring your opponent. Fail to do so, and you’ll be at their mercy. Aside from working on your technique and legwork, one way you can achieve this is by being in control of your breathing. Exhale when you return, and then quickly inhale before the ball returns to you; that way, you won’t risk running out of breath and messing up a shot.

All in all, table tennis truly is a unique and thrilling sport. Played competitively or just for fun, it always brings out our competitive edge and makes us want to triumph over our opponents, in whatever way possible. So, the next time you’re about to face someone in a game, remember these useful tips and hacks. With a good deal of practice, it’ll enable you to grow into an invincible player!

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