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Daily Dose: Gender Equality

Finally, in 2020, Singapore will set to bring a mindset change to gender equality. In addressing women roles in society, it might also be a good time to address a dad's role in the family. With gender equality, the mindset that the man in the house should be the breadwinner would have to change. 

In today's world, women are equally if not more capable than men in the professional arena. It is not surprising to see both partners contributing in equal amount in terms of finances. The shift will be Dads putting in their share of work in the household too. 

1) 18 Covid19 Cases

  • 13 Dorms ( 5 Quarantine, 8 Surveillance)
  • 1 Community  ( Work Permit Holder)
  • 4 Imported cases

After a low of 11, the number creep back up to 18.

The 8 from surveillance pose a threat. This will be an ongoing battle and not one that can be stopped within a few days. 

1 case at community detected from routine testing of workers

4 Imported. This time they are from more diverse regions. Iran, Germany and the Philippines. Imported cases are probably going to stay as long as we open our borders. It is a double-edged sword. Close the borders and it will affect Singapore's business, open and we will continue to have the threat of imported cases.

Source: MOH

2) Covid19 found on squid packaging in China

The World Health Organization said then it saw no evidence of COVID-19 being spread by food or packaging.

No need to press the panic button yet.

Source: CNA

3) 23% drop in weeding in the first seven months of 2020, but ROM expecting the surge in last quarter.

There is still hope that the birth rate can go up next year...

Small weddings are great too. Save cost and you do not have the 'obligations' to invite acquaintances.

Source: ST

4) SIngapore to conduct a review of women issues to bring about a mindset change for gender equality.

"The White Paper will aim to address women-related issues that Singaporeans are concerned with. It will aim to be a further road map for progress, a pathway towards greater gender equality," 

Source: ST

5) La Nina Conditions detected - More rain likely for SE Asia in the months ahead.

Are you a Sunny Person or a Rainy One.

After forecasting 2 weeks of warm weathersin Sept, rain is expected for the coming months ahead.

If you want to know what La Nina, is all about ST has a detailed write-up here.

Source: ST

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