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What is Vacay and What Does it Offer


Anyone who wants to travel more knows that cost can be the biggest obstacle. 

Booking international flights can get pretty pricey unless you know how and where to find deals ... and who has time for all that searching? So many people have put their travel dreams on hold simply because they don't have a way to find affordable flights.

Next Vacay is here to make exciting travel around the world accessible for anyone who wants it. Here's a look into what this exciting new subscription service offers for its members (hint: endless travel possibilities for an incredibly low cost to subscribe).

What Is a Flight Subscription?

You're probably familiar with the countless subscription services out there these days. From Amazon Prime to Netflix to Spotify and more, the subscription economy pulls in new members constantly, revolutionizing the way we go about our daily lives. But subscriptions for travelling? That may seem more unusual to you, yet flight subscriptions can change the way you see the world — and Next Vacay is taking the lead.

Wherever you're dreaming of travelling, you want to get the very best deals out there so you can enjoy exploring without having to worry about funding your adventures. Maybe you've already signed up for newsletters from airlines, waiting to get deal alerts and sales sent to your email inbox. Or, maybe you scour flight databases yourself, searching for cheap flights that fit your budget.

However, your inbox can easily overflow with emails that aren't even relevant to airports you can depart from, leaving you to sift through useless deals. And, if you're combing through databases yourself, you know how much time and energy that takes. A travel subscription will simplify this entire process for you. That's where Next Vacay comes in.

Next Vacay is like having a personalized travel agency working around the clock to find you super cheap flights out of your local airport and airports that are just a short drive away. Instead of earning commission from flights booked, the service uses a subscription model, so you know you're getting unbiased deals.

You'll pay a seriously low annual fee (just $25) and get deal, sales, and error fares sent to you in real-time. You'll likely make back the money you pay for the subscription the minute you book one flight with the help of Next Vacay. With your subscription, you'll get a few emails a week letting you know about deals from your closest airports. Then, all you have to do is read the easy instructions included, click the link, and book your flight.

How Next Vacay Finds Members the Best Deals

Next Vacay's founders, Naveen and Shaylee Dittakavi, got started by trying to find themselves great deals on flights. Naveen developed software that could search through various flight databases automatically and alert them to deals that they could use from their home airport. The pair started getting some jaw-dropping flight prices, and when friends and family saw it, they wanted in, too. From there, the couple realized they could provide a much-needed service for eager travellers who needed help finding flights that could make seeing the world more accessible.

It's incredibly easy to sign up for Next Vacay subscriptions, too. You just need to choose your nearest airport when you subscribe. Next Vacay's software then does hundreds of searches every day for travel deals near you. They'll look for deals from your closest airport as well as airports within a three- or four-hour drive since you can sometimes get even better savings by travelling just a bit farther from home to another airport nearby. You can also enter other airports if you're based out of a couple of different spots.

The first month of Next Vacay is a free trial, and then you pay only $25 for the year. If that's not enough to convince you to try out the service, Next Vacay even offers a money-back guarantee if you don't like the deals they're sending you within six months of signing up.

Booking directly with an airline has many benefits. First, you know you're getting unbiased deals since Next Vacay doesn't earn any kickbacks from airlines. They make money only from subscription fees. If you get an email alert from Next Vacay, you know the deal they send you is real, and they don't have any motive aside from making you happy with travel possibilities.

You also don't have to grapple with middlemen or waste your own time jumping through hoops with hard-to-follow instructions since Next Vacay sends you a link with flight information so you can book your ticket with an airline. And since airlines often won't help you out if you buy your flight from third parties, booking directly also covers you in the event of problems like flight delays and cancellations while you're travelling. You can even use credit card points or airline miles you've saved up for travel when you book this way.

The direct booking model also allows you to book as many tickets as you want. Travelling with a friend or partner? Or, maybe you're planning a family vacation. If the airline has seats available, you can go ahead and book them with the same amazing price as your own ticket. When you book flights for a few people with the help of Next Vacay, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

The team behind Next Vacay knows how real people travel, and that's how they've set up their service. The average traveller can't jump on a last-minute deal and jet off across the globe with hardly any notice. Most people have to request time off from work, coordinate with their travel companions, or arrange for someone to watch their pet (or all of the above).

While other travel services will send you last-minute deals that look great until you realize you can't actually take advantage of that flight, Next Vacay looks for deals in a range of one to ten months in advance, sometimes longer. That gives you enough time to plan ahead and prepare for your trip while still gaining access to flight prices that make exciting travel actually possible.

Next Vacay arose from a desire to make travel accessible to everyone. The duo behind the service believes that everyone should have access to the cheapest flights so that everyone can benefit from perspective-shifting, eye-opening possibilities that connecting with other cultures and places gives people. In short, Next Vacay wants to help you see the world, no matter your budget.

Who Benefits Most From Next Vacay's Model?

Any traveller looking for the best deals who don't want to spend hours of their own time searching through database after database can benefit from Next Vacay. Signing up for Next Vacay subscriptions work for travellers on any type of budget. You're not paying a ton upfront (again, a yearlong subscription is just $25), so you can pick and choose which deals work for you according to your budget needs and travel style. Here are just some types of travellers who can benefit from having a Next Vacay subscription:

  • Backpackers.
  • Busy professionals.
  • Families.
  • Honeymooners.
  • Anyone who thinks they can't afford to travel.

Next Vacay is perfect if you're interested in travel hacking but don't have the time or energy to put in the legwork. If you're not interested in opening up credit cards just to gain points, and you don't have the time to endlessly search the web for great deals, Next Vacay takes the guesswork out of finding super cheap flights.

The service is a great resource if you're a backpacker or budget traveller as you can use the savings you get on flights to make limited resources stretch much longer once you're travelling. Think you can't afford to fly? Think again. Next Vacay is sending folks who thought affordable travel was impossible off to multiple exotic and exciting destinations thanks to the incredibly cheap flights they find.

If you're not travelling because you think you're just too busy to do it, Next Vacay is also ideal. Next Vacay makes it possible to translate your dreams of travelling more into reality. The deals they send you to give you plenty of time to plan ahead to fit a trip into your busy schedule, plus you're not wasting your own time searching for these flights. You'll also feel like you have a trusted travel agent on your side, but one that fits into the constraints of our busy, digital world.

People who want to travel as a group also benefit from Next Vacay. Families travelling together can maximize savings by taking advantage of a deal Next Vacay finds, as can friends who want to travel on a budget together. After all, when you're booking multiple airfares, the costs really add up! Couples planning an affordable honeymoon or a romantic getaway can also make the most of the flight deals that Next Vacay finds for dreamy locations around the world.

Finally, anyone with a sense of adventure will love the way Next Vacay lets you think about travel. If you like to decide where you're going based on the sales and deals out there, Next Vacay will allow you to do just that.

Sure, there are a few things Next Vacay won't do. If you're looking for last-minute travel deals or want to book hotels and excursions as a package with your flight, that's not the type of service Next Vacay offers. But, if you're open to new travel ideas and ready to take advantage of affordable flights to build exciting vacations for yourself (as well as any travel partners!), this is a subscription you'll want to check out.

How to Make the Most of Your Membership

Convinced to try out a Next Vacay subscription? Keeping a few things in mind will let you maximize the benefits you'll get out of your subscription. Staying flexible is key.

Having flexible timing will allow you to take advantage of the very best deals you see. Often, shifting a departure or return date by a day or so can translate to hundreds of dollars in savings. Next Vacay will send you a range of times the deal they find will work, so play around with those dates to find the best combination of flight prices and your own schedule. Again, most deals come with a few months' lead time, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to plan your trip.

Being flexible in terms of destination will also let you make the most out of a Next Vacay membership. With this service, you can choose your base airport but not a specific destination. Instead of waiting around for a deal to one or two cities, let your Next Vacay emails act as a guide to expanding your perspective of the world. Jump on that deal to a country you'd never imagined you'd visit, and let the world open up to you.

Many flight deals that you'll get with Next Vacay are international trips, so it's a good idea to go ahead and get your travel documents in order if you haven't already. You'll also get some domestic flight alerts to popular destinations, like Hawaii, or seasonal deals, like the Rockies in the winter.

You can also book an inexpensive international flight that Next Vacay finds and then use that as a basis for additional travel. There are various options for regional budget airlines, buses, and trains for cheap that will help you see more places while making use of the savings Next Vacay gets you. You might get a notification for a cheap flight near your dream destination, then take a scenic train ride over, allowing you to see more of the world.

No matter how you decide to use the deals you get through Next Vacay, one thing's certain. This subscription will bring you more possibilities for affordable travel than you ever could have imagined. You'll start jetting off to so many places in no time.

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