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Have Voucher, Will Play!

 Daily Dose: Have Voucher, Will Play.

Come December, Singaporeans are welcome to play for FREE* in their own backyard . The SingapoREdiscover vouchers were announced back in July.  Details of the voucher redemption is still not available. However, the vouchers are only for Singaporeans above 18

* Free if your attraction/stay is less than $100 per pax

1)  27 new Covid19 cases

  • 23 Dorms ( 17 Quarantine, 6 Surveillance)
  • 2 Community ( (2 Work Permit)
  • 2 Imported cases ( 1 SC, 1 LTVP)

The good news is that cases have fallen. Dorms cases dropped to 23. However, with cases still being picked up from surveillance, it meant that the worse is not over.

2 cases in the community are the result of surveillance testing that mirrors dorms. No local residents  are detected for 3 consecutive days.

Imported cases have also fallen to just 2. Both cases are from India. Wtih the need to have preflight Covid19 tests from today onwards for all Long Term Visitors from India, expect imported cases to be reduced going forward

Source: MOH


2)  Singaporeans aged 18 and above to recieve $100 worth of tourism vouchers

SingapoREdiscovers vouchers can be used on stayvations, attractions tickets and tours.

A $10 subsidy will be provided for children and youth tickets for attractions and tours. 

Personally, we think more should be provided for family with kids. It's almost double the cost of admission for a family of 4. The $200 would not even cover a day trip to USS for the family ­čśů

Tourist Attractions will also be allowed to increase operating capacity from 25 to 50 from this Friday

Details on redemption will be out in Nov

Source: Today

3) Less rain in the second half of September and temperature could reach 34 degree

Time to pack your sweaters and bring out Singapore's favourite Sunny Day causal wear look - Singlet and Shorts..

Source : Today

4) Woman gets 12 weeks jail for breaching stay home notice on pretext of visiting doctor.

She had stated that she was suppose to see doctor for rash. Instead, she ended up meeting her friends for 9 days and only return to her SHN Hotel after that!

Blatant disregard for the law.

Source: CNA

5) Former principal and teachers of tuition centre get jail for helping to students to cheat at O Level exams

 A principal and two teachers at a private tuition centre concocted a scheme to help six foreign students cheat in the 2016 GCE O-Level examinations, using Bluetooth devices and mobile phones strapped to the students' bodies.

They were caught when an invigilator heard unusual electronic transmission sounds and voices coming from one of the students. T

They forgot to turn on silent mode...

Source: CNA

6) People's Park Complex and People's Park Centre visited by infectious Covid19 cases

Do note if you had been to the following locations.

  • People’s Park Complex on Sept 13 between 12.10pm and 12.50pm
  • People’s Park Centre on Sept 13 between 12.45pm and 2.05pm

Source: Today

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