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Lowest Covid19 Cases in 6 Months

Daily Dose: A New Low

Singapore has the lowest Covid19 cases reported in 6 months with only 18 cases for the day. The heydays of hundreds look to be over for now. A welcoming relief for a country that had been on the spotlight for the outbreak in dorms.

1) 18 new Covid19 cases

  • 15 Dorms ( 10 Quarantine, 5 Survelliance)
  • 1 Community Case ( Work Pass Holder)
  • 2 Imported Cases

The dorms cases hit the lowest in months. Nonetheless, 5 were picked up from survelliance

Community case is at 1, a work Pass holder. It has been 5 days since a community case is reported for SC/PR

The good news is that we had hit 6 months low in terms of infection.  So much so, that MOH has not been updating the website for yesterdays' numbers 

Source: ST

2) Fine for a manager who wrongfully confined 3 foreign workers for 42 days amid Covid19 outbreak.

The general manager of a company wrongfully confined three foreign workers in a room for 42 days over May and June amid the Covid-19 outbreak, with one stretch running 39 days straight.

Self-imposed 'jail' sentence was the result of the workers being 'troublemakers' and leaving the dorm premises to buy alcohol. Regardless, one should never take the law into their own hands and any incidents should be reported to the police.

Source: ST

3) Why Singapore's Covid19 death rate is the world's lowest

It is not just a 'miracle, but a combination of detection, hospitalisation, demographics and masks that made this possible.

Give credit where credit is due. The policies by the govt, despite it's shortcomings, work.

Source: Today

4) Can Foreign Domestic Help with chores in homes of close family members?

The short answer is yes, but with conditions. The point of contention is what chores can be done.

Under current regulations, FDWs can be deployed with their charges, either children or elderly persons, to the homes of close family members of their employers in the daytime.

This is so that FDWs can continue to provide care to their charges under the supervision of the employers’ family members while their employers are at work.

This is permitted by MOM so long as FDWs accept the arrangements, are not required to perform household chores in the homes of the family members and receive adequate food and rest. The employer must declare such caregiving arrangements to MOM. 

Source: CNA

5) Netizen gets stern warning for online posts linked to WP MP Raeesah Khan, no further actions against blogger Xiaxue

For the record, WP MP Raeesah was also given stern warning for her post that is deemed to promote enimuty between different groups.

Source: CNA

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