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Mid Autumn Festival 2020 @ Gardens by the Bay

 Mid-Autumn Festival is back at Gardens by the Bay.

The festival has been held yearly at The Gardens since 2013. With big lantern displays, food street, performances and mass lantern walk, it has always been a crowd favourite. This year, the celebration continues but with a twist. Due to Covid19, it will be celebrated onsite and online from 18 Sep to 4 Oct. 

This year, lanterns sets will be lighted up at the outdoor gardens with programmes held virtually on Gardens By the Bay website starting today. There will not be any street food or carnival like events during this period.

Light Up

There are 6 main areas for the lantern displays. We had a sneak peek of what to expect. From what we saw during the day, do not expect the extravagant displays of yesteryears. Instead, this year, it will be a relatively muted affair to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. Given the current Covid19 the situation, it is totally understandable why this is so. Despite that, a lantern walk through the Gardens is still beautiful, with or without the lanterns.

Apricot Grove (Golden Garden)
The first display to greet you would be the Apricot Grove. Apricot Flower line the street of the path from the drop off point to the domes. At night, there will be gobo lighting effect to stimulate falling flower petals inspired by Chines fable of Dong Feng 董奉, a skilled and generous medical practitioner from the Three Kingdoms.
Source: GBTB

Colonnade of Lights (Supertree Grove)

Head towards the Supertree Groove, and you would find the Colonnade of Lights along the corridor towards it. 

There are 1500 paper lanterns panted by the community lighting the way.

Source: GBTB

Royal Family's Walk (Supertree Grove)

If you watch Seoul drama shows, you will find this Royal Family Walk familiar. Made of Janji, a Korean traditional paper formed using the bark of the mulberry tree, this is a scene of a royal procession of the King and Queen in the early Joseon Dynasty.

Source: GBTB

Illuminations of Joy (Supertree Grove)

Source: GBTB

The third installation at Supertree Grove is the Illuminations of Joy. This showcases 400 hand-coloured lanterns by 600 participants to light up the area around Supertree Grove

Water Song (Opposite Planet)

Across the iconic Planet structure, is the Water Song. This simple set features 5 frame scenes expressing the poet's Su Shi's longing for his family as he contemplates the beauty of the moon during Mid-Autumn.  

Prosperity Rats ( Near Bayfront Plaza)

Rounding up the display are 10 prosperity rats lining the river banks. These rats first made an appearance during this year's CNY and will be back for Mid-Autumn Festival.

Source: GBTB

Performances and Programme 

There will not be any performances in the Garden during the period. Performances will be done virtually online.

Autumn Rhythm

Look out for Autumn Rhythm performed by award-winning flutist and composer, Rit Xu. He will perform using Chinese vertical flute and Western concert flute against the backdrop of Water Song.

Autumn Wind

A Chinese Dance duet by Li Ruimin and Zheong ong.

Craft and Activities

A variety of activities including DIY Good-luck knot, Origami Lotus, Snowskin Mooncake demonstration will be conducted online.

Refer here for full program list.

Mid-Autumn Festival 2020 @ Gardens By the Bay

18 Sep to 4 Oct

7pm to 10pm

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