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Daily Dose : 11

The number 11 has a spiritual meaning attached to it. For some seeing the number 11.11 is a common occurrence and holds the meaning of awakening among others.

Thus when the number 11 turns up on the Covid19 report, it pique the interest. Would this mark the start of the decline towards Single number cases in Singapore?

We can only hope.

Interestingly, there were also 11 emergency vehicles deployed to fight the blaze at God of Wealth temple

1) 11 new Covid19 cases

  • 9 Dorms ( 5 Quarantine, 4 Surveillance)
  • 1 Community (SC)
  • 1 Imported

The dorms numbers are now in single digit, a number not seen since pre Circuit Breaker. However, with 4 detected from surveillance, the fight in dorms is not over yet.

The presence of 1 SC in community case broke the 5 day trend. It shows that cases are still hidden within the community as this was an unlink case. 

Imported cases has also drop to 1

Source: MOH

2) Stern actions taken against dorms residents for sneaking in alcohol and cigarettes

Reminds me  of a scene in Shawshank Redemption...

MOM said that with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, it has suspended the sale and consumption of alcohol "to avoid any potential law and order issues

Source: Today

3) Singapore added to England Quarantine free list

Technicially you can go there for holidays, but under the current laws, you have to do the following

  • Mandatory 14 day SHN at dedicated facilities when you are back in Singapore  at your own expense
  •  Take the Swab Test at your own expense
  •  Foot your own medical bill ( Not covered for holiday makers)

If you can afford the extra cost, go ahead an take that holiday!

Source: ST

4) Fire Breaks out at Semawang God of Wealth Temple

We hope no one is harm

“The fire involved a four-storey temple. SCDF utilised five water jets to penetrate and contain the fire,” it said, adding later that the fire was confined to the first and second floor of the temple.

A total of 11 emergency vehicles and about 60 firefighters were deployed and the fire was finally extinguished at midnight.

Source: Today

5) Fatal disease affecting rabbits detected in Singapore  

The Disease does not cross to humans

  • Pet owners are advised to:
  • Minimise contact between their pet rabbits with visitors and other rabbits, especially if you are not aware of their health status
  • Practise good personal hygiene, such as washing their hands with soap before and after being in contact with their pets or other animals
  • Keep the housing and environment of the rabbits clean, as the virus can spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, and via insects such as flies
  • Bring their pets for veterinary treatment, if they observe their pets to be unwell

Source: Today

6) Mid Autumn Festival returns to Garden By the Bay

This year will be different. While static displays are in the Gardens, Programmes and Activities are conducted online. Check out our sneak peek.

Source: TWD

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