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How to Make Moving Around Easier for Your Old Family Members


Every age has its own advantages and drawbacks. 

Unfortunately, the older we grow, the more assistance we need with mundane activities, like simply walking around for instance. There comes a time where our bodies are not able to complete simple tasks, which is why we need to find alternative solutions that can help us. Don’t despair if you or your parents have mobility disabilities because there is a wide variety of options that can assist them.


Consider purchasing a car for your parents, if you can afford it. Of course, it doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just as long as it’s safe and functional. You can also look into buying used cars that you can pay for on a monthly basis. You can also hire a driver for your parents if they’re incapable of driving themselves. In this case, you don’t need to buy a car, you can just pay for the gas and the driver’s fees. Finally, if all else has failed, you can always drive them around whenever you can. 

While getting a car is an expense, it might be necessary as gets family members grow older.

Public Transportation

Try suggesting public transportation to your parents. In Singapore, taking public transport is ease due to its efficient setup. At times it might be more convenient than driving. It’s essential that you mention all the positive outcomes that they can enjoy from using public transportation. During this conversation, try to describe how it’ll be easy for them to go from one town to the other, how fast trains are, and the fact they’ll almost always find a seat that they can sit on. 


You can also bring up wheelchairs, test the waters by seeing how they feel about it. Some seniors feel iffy about wheelchairs because they don’t suffer from a disability, they just get tired while walking. If this happens to your parents, try explaining to them that a wheelchair will be very convenient for them and that they don’t have to use it all the time, just when they’re so tired they can’t walk anymore.


Similar to wheelchairs, rollators is another type of wheeled vehicle that seniors can use, except that they can’t sit on it. It’s more like a walking stick, but with wheels. There are different types of rollators that they can choose from; the specialists at advise seniors to choose a rollator that will cover their needs. For instance, if it’s challenging for them to carry their belongings, then it’s probably best if they buy a rollator that comes with a basket. They can put their groceries and bags in it, instead of carrying that load themselves. 

Relocate your Parents

You might need to move your family members close to you if there is no other option you can resort to. That said, relocating your parents can help solve a lot of problems though. For instance, they can rely on you and your family for transportation. You will also be close to them, so you can see each other as often as you’d like, and you can always ask them to babysit your children in case of emergencies. 

Get a Helper

If your parents don’t have the funds to move, then you might want to hire help for them. This could be any kind of help, like someone who buys their groceries or someone whom your parents can lean on when they’re going up or down the sidewalk. This person can also help with moving the wheelchair if your parents can’t use the wheels to push themselves anymore. Talk with your loved ones and see what they’re comfortable with, so you can assign the right help for them. Thankfully,, getting extra help locally is not a difficult task.

Transportation Services 

Finally, consider transportation services for the elderly. There are several applications that seniors can download in order to move around. These apps are specifically made for the elderly, so you can rest assured that they provide a lot of convenient options for them. There are also transportation programs that are made for seniors who have disabilities. So, do your research and look up all the transportation services that your older family members can use. 

All in all, there are a lot of options that seniors can resort to when they’re unable to walk anymore. They can drive their own car, and if they can’t, consider hiring a driver for them. You can also suggest things like rollators, wheelchairs, and transportation services. Observe how they react to your suggestions and try to find a solution based on their preferences. Finally, remember that this might be a sensitive topic for them, so make sure that you’re approaching it with kindness and understanding.

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