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Safe Entry Check in Tips : 5 ways to check in Faster

Safe Entry is now the new norm.

Regardless of where you go, you would most likely need to use Safe Entry. Fiddling with the camera to scan the QR code is the usual way most would use Safe Entry. However, do you know you can actually check-in much faster?

 1) Safe Entry Via the Singpass App

Use Singpass App and activate Safe Entry. With Singpass app, there is no need for you to scan for entry. Instead, choose from the list of places that will pop up for you to Safe Entry. The locations are all distance activated and you can do a search for a specific shop in malls.

2) Safe Entry using Voice Command

If you have an iPhone, you can now do Safe Entry via Siri

Link your Singpass App to Siri Voice Command. To link, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the app. Go to Siri Voice Commands and from there choose Safe Entry to link.

Set up Siri with Singpass

You can also personalise what to say to activate Safe Entry. Instead of Safe Entry Check-in, you can say 'Open Sesame' or anything you fancy. You can check out the same way as well. The only limitation is that you can only check out 1 location at a time.

Personalised Safe Entry

3) Safe Entry for more than 1 person

Can check in for others

If you are heading out with the family, it would be more convenient for one to check everyone in instead of individual checking it. Simply add your family members to Safe Entry Check-in List and you can check them in when you activate Safe Entry.

ADD people to your Singpass

4) Safe Entry autofill characters

For those who are still using the camera scan method, there might be times when you are required to fill in NRIC and passwords. This is because your browser is in private mode. Simply close the private mode website and revert back to normal mode and the information will be auto-filled for you.

5) Safe Entry Check Out using the same Safe Entry Check-in Tab

Do not close your safe entry tab. Use the same tab for Safe Entry Check out. This would save you time from rescanning your QR code all over again.


Check your Safe Entry History.

You're OK

If you had upgrade your app, you would have realised that you could check your past history. Additionally, there is a tab to let you know if you have come into any contact with any Covid19 cases for the past 2 weeks. This is useful as you may not always remember where you had been.

We do hope you will find these tips useful for your next Safe Entry Check-in.

There are more things you can do with Singpass.

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Stay safe!

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