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How to Make Your Trip to Asia Perfect

Travelling can be one of the most exhilarating experiences a person can have. 

Surrounding yourself with a new culture, a foreign language, an exotic terrain, and a novel cuisine can boost your creativity, open your mind, broaden your understanding of yourself, and teach you about the world. Of course, countless hiccups can occur while you travel. While planning your trip in detail won’t guarantee you’ll avoid all the possible snags, it will reduce your risk of encountering them. 

The following will break down the things you need to incorporate in your travel plan to help make your trip to Asia perfect. Of course, if you have any specific needs not mentioned in this article, like severe allergies, health conditions, or are travelling with a small child, you will need to do additional research specific to your situation.

Stay Up To Date On Travel Advisories And Closed Borders

Especially given the whirlwind that has been 2020, travel bans and advisories are in a constant state of flux. Some countries still have closed borders. No longer is it okay to check online once and get on with your trip. It is now necessary to continually check government reports on travel throughout the planning process, leading up to the day you will be leaving. You might discover that some forms of travel are prohibited (for example, you may not be able to drive across a border, but you may be able to fly).

Book Your Travel And Accommodations

Again, because of coronavirus, some common travel options and accommodations might not be available. Fewer buses may be running, or fewer rooms will be available in hotels, hostels, and homestays. Do your research and make sure that whichever routes and accommodations you choose have a regularly updated website that will keep you aware of any changes that you need to know about your travel plans. Don’t rely on online articles written more than a few months ago when you are researching and designing your trip, as they may not include recent relevant information.

Understand Local Laws

Learning about local customs and laws is always a good idea when travelling, but it has become especially important in 2020. This is because many places have enacted mandatory mask-wearing laws in public outdoor spaces. Some countries require masks to be worn at all times when anyone is outside their home. Similarly, many countries require people to self-isolate for fourteen days after they arrive. Extra planning is going to be needed to ensure that you have access to enough masks and are prepared for self-isolation.

Plan Your Travel

Once you’ve prepared yourself for all the new travel developments 2020 has brought on, you can begin planning the fun part: the trip itself. Research the history, culture, cuisine, and sites of any city you plan on visiting and read other travellers' reviews to get an idea of whether or not you would like a certain sight.

Keep Your Schedule Open

The most important thing travellers can do to have a fantastic trip is to make sure they are not planning too many things for one day. This sounds obvious, but you would not believe how many people make this rookie mistake. Make sure to give yourself more time than you think you need for each activity you plan, not only because things may be slowed with coronavirus checks and fewer admissions and smaller staffing numbers, but because being rushed can take away from the magic of travel.

If something is beautiful, you’re going to want to sit still and breathe it all in. Beyond this, you want to leave ample time for side adventures—things that you never could have planned for, but are wonderful—that crop up when you’re travelling. If your schedule is too tightly packed, you’re going to wind up missing out on a lot of wonders.

Keep Your Schedule Varied

In addition, when planning, try not to schedule multiple activities of the same nature for a single day. You don’t want to see three museums in one day or they’ll all mix together in your mind and you won’t be able to enjoy any of them individually. Likewise, don’t schedule two physically demanding tasks for one day, like hiking 300 stairs to the top of one temple and then 400 stairs to the top of another.

With the above tips in mind, you are well on your way to planning the perfect trip to Asia. As with any trip, make sure that you are taking proper safety precautions and that you are aware of what behaviour is acceptable where you are travelling. Always trust your intuition and immediately leave any situation wherein you feel unsafe.

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