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HYDRAGUN- Your Personal Massage Gun for Sore Muscles


Sore muscles after a workout?

We all had that before. An intense workout followed by soreness or cramps. Most of the time, we would wish to have someone to massage the sores away. Unlike professional athletics with access to a therapist, we probably cannot afford to go for one after every jog in the neighbour.

The next best thing we can have is HYDRAGUN.

Our curiosity was piqued when we receive an email from HYDRAGUN. At first, we thought it was an invitation to review a new Marvel Toy. You know, the guns used by HYDRA in Captain America. We should quickly realise that this was not the case. However, the pitch still captivated us.

You are about to find out what it's like to hold the future in your hands

HYDRAGUN is a homegrown sports recovery brand with the HYDRAGUN as its main product line. After testing more than 20 designs and builds, HYDRAGUN was invented.

The HYDRAGUN is a massage gun that is a convenient tool for athletes to address sore muscles with a deep tissue massage at their own discretion. This model had been well received in the sporting community and had Olympic sprinter Yohan Blake, MMA world champion Angela Lee and soccer legend Fandi Ahmad using it.

While I am not a professional athlete, the weekly neighbourhood run does give me sore calves. Having a personal portable massager would be most useful to work on the sores after a run.

I used to use foam rollers to ease the tension on the calves. However, that requires me doing an additional 'workout' session as I had to exert pressure on the rollers to work. Moreover, I would need to find the space to do the workout. With HYDRAGUN, it gives me the convenience for quick and targetted relief anywhere. 


While there are other Massage Guns out there, I have not got the chance to use them. Base on the numbers provided, the HYDRAGUN 3200 RPM high torque motor would beat most competitors 2800 RPM rate, giving a better penetration.  
I tried the massage gun at the first speed and already felt the impactful pressure.  From legs to back, I do not need to hit pass the 2nd speed. For those who can endure more, there are a total of 6-speed settings build in the HYDRAGUN. However, my advice is to start slow first as this tool can be powerful at the highest settings.

The other thing that intrigues me is that that was hardly any noise from the HYRAGUN. Despite its power, it purrs like a kitty when used. The good thing is that the HYDRAGUN can be used for different members of the family. For Mom after a session of Yoga or the boy after his weekly table tennis training. With 6 hours of battery life, this is great for a week's use.

The HYDRAGUN comes with 6 attachment head including 2 steel heads. The attachment heads are meant for addressing different muscle groups. 2 out of 5 attachment heads are made of steel and this allows it to glide smoothly over clothes. For the record, not all massage guns in the market come with steel heads.  

In terms of handling, it was pretty to hold the gun . The HYDRAGUN targets  different muscle groups and you could use it for calves, arms, shoulders or back.

What's in the box?

The packaging of the HYDRAGUN and the material used deserve a mention. When we were unboxing this, it reminds us of a Dyson product. The package came in a delightful white and black box that exudes quality. Inside the box, is a storage box that house the Hyragun and its accessories. The HYDRAGUN itself is made of Aerospace-grade aluminium body, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.

What' in the box?
1 x Vibrating Therapy Massager
6 x Changeable Heads (4 regular, 2 stainless steel)
1 x Storage box
1 x Charger
1 x Manual


This nifty massage gun is the handy massage therapist that one would never think is needed until it is in your hands. We think the best way to enjoy it is to get someone to help you target the desired areas since areas like thighs and back are not exactly easy to reach. Nonetheless, it works fine if you operate the massage gun on your own.

While it may not be the HYDRAGUN we had initially anticipated, it is a much practical device. With its help to rid sore muscles, it will make exercise more enjoyable. Who knows, it just might inspire this Dad to push harder during training and be the next *ahem* Captain America. 

Want to get your own HYDRAGUN?
The HYDRAGUN retails for $399. The good folks at HYDRAGUN will be offering an SG50 discount, especially for our readers. Quote WACKYDUO50 during checkout. 

Limited to first 20 redemptions and valid till end of September.

 HYDRAGUN also ships directly from Singapore with a 1.5-year guarantee. This includes a 30 Day Love it-or-return-it guarantee.

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