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Shepherd's Pie Singapore : Feast with Lasagna and Mac & Cheese


Craving for Lasagna or Mac & Cheese?

If you are yearning for these favourite comfort dishes, look no further than Sheperd Pie Singapore. Shepherd Pie Singapore is well known for its Sherperd's Pie that comes in beef, chicken and even vegetarian. We had tried them out in the past and it proves to be delicious. Best in Singapore also listed Shepherd Pie Singapore as one of their top 5 pie delivery services in Singapore.

This time around, they launched new additions to their popular menu - The Lasagna and Mac & Cheese. Alongside with the Shepherd Pie, Pasta, Pizzas and Burgers. You can literally order a feast from them!

We did just that with a mini feast ordered from Shepherd Pie Singapore.  There was a slight hitch in delivery as they had initially missed the Lasagna. Thankfully, a quick call and the Lasagna was delivered within the hour.
Mini Feast from Shepherd Pie

Sienna's Tradizionale Lasagna

Triplo Cheese Lasagna

We ordered the signature Sienna's Tradizonale Lasagna from their menu. They have 2 versions available - The Sienna's Traditional Lasagna (Triplo Cheese) and the Sienna's traditional vegetarian-friendly Spinach and Ricotta version. We are meat-lovers so we have to try to Triplo Cheese.

Beef inside

The Triplo Cheese comes packed with Mozarella, Cheddar and Ricotta cheese between tomato paste and lasagna sheets.  The cheesy toppings are as delightful as the beef inside. We ordered the Medium Tray that was supposed to be meant for 2. However, our eldest loved it so much that he devoured it on his own. Not surprising considering that it had been voted the  Best Lasagna in Singapore as boldly claimed.

Choose Your Size

The Triplo Cheese comes in 4 sizes
  • Personal Tray for One ($13.90)
  • Medium Tray for 2 ($25.90)
  • Large Tray for 4 ($49.90)
  • Family Tray for 6 ($71.90) + Free Delivery

In terms of value for money, the Family Tray would be the option to choose as it comes with free delivery

Nonna's Authentic American Creamy Mac and Cheese
Mac n Cheese

The next dish we got to sample was the Nonna's Authentic Mac 'n' Cheese Bacon.  Mac and Cheese has always been a dish that is traditionally made for kids with love. The Nonna's Authentic American Creamy Mac and Cheese version used Parmesan and Gruyere cheese that is made from fresh cow's mild.

We think the secret sauce for this is the premium smoked bacon. Add bacon into Mac 'n' Cheese and would have the kids eating out of your hand.

The Mac and Cheese comes in 4 sizes similar to the Lasagna

  • Personal Tray for One ($16.90)
  • Medium Tray for 2 ($30.90)
  • Large Tray for 4 ($51.90)
  • Family Tray for 6 ($79.90) + Free Delivery

Complete your Meal

To complete your meals, we recommend Pizzas as it goes well with Lasagna or Mac and Cheese. You can choose between Amatriciana, Mushroom, Hawaiian and Margherita flavours for your pizza.

Crispy Chicken Wings
To top it off, we recommend you to get the sides. The Crispy Chicken Wings and Handmade Italian Meatballs were our choices for the meals.

Homemade Italian Meatballs

We enjoyed our mini feast from Shepherd's Pie Singapore. If the cravings start for Lasagna or Mac & Cheese, we know where to go!

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Photos from Shepherd's Pie website are reproduced with permission from Owari Photography

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