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Add Safe Entry as a Widget on iPhone

Have you updated your iPhone IOS?

If you had updated your iPhone to IOS 14, you would realise by now that you can add widgets to your home screen. Widgets are great as they provide a more appealing visible interface as well as provide shortcuts to certain functions of an app.

Now, in addition to our previous recommendation for faster Safe Entry Check-in, you can add a Safe Entry Widget to your phone so you can either check-in via QR Code or locations with just a touch.

Here is how you do it

1) Install IOS 14 and update Singpass

2) Once done, you can add the widget to the screen

3) With the widget, it gives you a short cut to Safe Entry Options

The Widget gives you the convenience to check-in, view pass and check out. 

While this is great, it is not the fastest way to check-in. There are 2 other faster methods you can use.

Safe Entry via Voice Command

You can use Siri on iPhone for Safe Entry. 

Link your Singpass App to Siri Voice Command. To link, click on the gear icon on the top right corner of the app. Go to Siri Voice Commands and from there choose Safe Entry to link.

You can also personalise what to say to activate Safe Entry. Instead of Safe Entry Check-in, you can say 'Open Sesame' or anything you fancy. You can check out the same way as well. The only limitation is that you can only check out 1 location at a time.

Activate Safe Entry by tapping your phone at the back

IOS 14 also allows you to customised shortcuts when you tap your phone at the back.

To set up do the following

Tap Settings and tap on the Accessibility Option

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On the Physical and Motor, choose the option Touch

Scroll Down and turn Back Tap on

Choose to customise either the Double Tap or Triple Tap to Safe Entry Check-in

Safe Entry has become a way of life for Singapore Residents. With these shortcuts, life just got a little easier. With the update in Singpass App, you could not see your photo on the Digital IC and can now log in to MySkillsFuture directly.

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