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Border Control

Daily Dose: Border Control

With the rest of imported cases, stricter borders controls are in place for selected countries and cities such as Indonesia, Philippines and Sabah. While countries with lower risk such as HK has reduced SHN. 

The surprise was the inclusion of Indonesia in the Green Lane agreement where business travellers are exempted from SHN. Would that lead to an increase in cases once the lanes are opened?
With Indonesia rising infection rates at thousands vs Singapore's single-digit transmission, the proposal was perplexing.

On the home front, we had a first Covid 19 death, a 64-year-old PR who became the first fatality in 3 months. 

1) 4 Covid19 cases
  • 2 Imported
  • 1 Dorm 
  • 1 Community

The 2 local cases were quarantine cases with past exposure. The imported cases are from India and a SPR returning from the Philippines.

2) 64-Year-old man dies of Covid19

A 64-year-old man, who had a history of hypertension, has died from complications due to Covid-19, said the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Monday (Oct 12). The permanent resident is the 28th patient to die from the virus here.

Our condolences to the family

3) Update on Border Measures
- 14 Day dedicated SHN for travellers from SABAH 
- Pre Departure Test for travellers from Indonesia and the Philippines
- Reduce SHN of 7 Days for travellers from HK
-Resuming Visa Regime

4) Singapore Indonesia to launch reciprocal green lane from Oct 26

This is surprising considering the high rate of infection in Indonesia. 

Singapore has also established similar travel arrangements with countries such as Brunei, China, Malaysia, South Korea and Japan.

5) Cruise to nowhere proves popular

Genting Cruises gets more than 6,000 bookings in 5 days

6) Singapore home cams hacked and stolen footage sold on pornographic sites.

Best not to have cameras facing private quarters

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