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Super Nintento World to open in Spring 2021

Our first destination after Covid19 is settled.

While we are all grounded due to the pandemic, the world still revolves. Nintendo has announced that Super Nintendo World - the first Nintendo theme park attraction, will open at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. The date is set for Spring 2021, so that means from March 2021 onwards. With the vaccine for the virus expected to be ready by 2021, it looks like we might have a decen

 According to Sora News 24, expect to see the following attractions.

  • Mario Kart rides
  •  Travel through Mario's world while riding on the back of dinosaur pal Yoshi
  • Challenging adventures that send you throughout the area using a 'power-up bracelet' ( Could this be similar to the Harry Potter Wand?
  • Punchable question mark blocks.

Here is an update of the build progress.


In the meantime, Mario Cafe and Store will open at Universal Studios Hollywood area in October. 


While we cannot enjoy it yet, here is a glimpse of what to expect.


There will be a range of theme food and drinks including edible Mario and Luigi Caps.


There are actually pancakes desserts with strawberry shortcake and grape cheese flavours


Another must-try are the fruit cream sodas that has the brothers signature moustaches.

Lastly, popcorn buckets traditionally associated with theme parks gets a new addition in the form of Super Mushroom. This is definitely a must-have a souvenir to take home.

If you need more merchandise, you can always head to the store to get official Mario souvenirs

While waiting for the opening, you might want to plan your trip to Universal Studios Osaka. It is a massive theme park and you would need a strategy in order to enjoy more of the rides there. Check out our tips for Universal Studios Osaka here.

If you can wait, we were told that Super Nintendo World will also come to Universal Studios Singapore by 2025. If you cannot wait that long, start to book your tickets to Osaka now!

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