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Fun Claw @ Waterway Point Review


Are you a fan of claw machines?

We recently discovered Fun Claw when we played at their outlet at Waterway Point. Fun Claw is a claw machine-centric arcade. With 19 outlets all across Singapore malls, it is one of the largest in terms of location in town.

While you ought to be able to find Fun Claw in your neighbourhood, the arcade itself is not as big as some of its competitors. Fun Claw@ Waterway The point has about 50 machines while some competitors have as many as 300 machines in one location.

Nonethless, in terms of prizes, Fun Claw seems to have a better quality selection. Prizes are a mix of licensed plushies and plushies made by Fun Claw.  This is a manless operation so adjusting of prizes would not be possible on most occasions.

There are plushies of various sizes to be won. It does not matter if you are catching a small or big plush as it cost the same to catch. In terms of value, the bigger plushies would be more worthwhile. That said, the level of difficulty between the big and small claw machines is rather similar when we tried it out.

It cost 1 token per game. Tokens can be exchanged on the spot at a minimum of $2 per token.

It would be worthwhile to consider changing more tokens as this will give you bonus tokens. For example, you would get extra 15 tokens with every $50 change. This meant a total of 65 tokens for $50 or 0.76 cents per play.

Unlike other franchise, other than the plushies in the machines, there is no prize redemption corner. Instead, you will be awarded mystery points for every large in house plushies you caught ( not licensed plushies)

5000 points

Accumulate the points over your visit and you could head to their redemption centre to exchange for extra prizes. Prizes start from 16,000 points. There are prizes such as JBP Flip Waterproof speakers, LEGO Batman Batmobile and more to be redeemed.
Source: Fun Claw

You can view the full range of prizes on their website.

The good thing about this system is that we get to keep all the cute plushies we caught!

As for gameplay, while it does not really provide swing option, the claws are relatively strong. The tip is to find plush that is placed above the chute for a better chance to win. For more tips, check out our wins from Fun Claw here.

Good luck with your game!

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