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 Daily Dose: 6

Singapore has come a long way in the fight against Covid19. It had been 6 months since we had a single-digit reporting for Covid19 cases. We are getting closer to zero cases and probably more restrictions would be lifted in the coming days. 

It has been a good fight. Compare to other nations where even the President caught Covid19 despite the high precaution. We had done well.

Phase 3, here we come!

1) 6 Covid19 cases

  • 1 Dorm (Quarantine)
  • 1 Community (SC)
  • 4 Imported cases

The Dorms cases have improved tremendously with only 1 case reported. There are no cases from surveillance, hinting a possible end to dorms infection if this continues.

The 1 unlink local case meant that we could still not rest on the laurels...yet

Imported cases are from Indonesia and India.

2) 444 employers denied JSS payouts amounting to almost 10 million. 4 cases referred to police

JSS Payout is meant to support the company in times of Covid19 crisis. It is not meant to be game

Source: Today

3) Phase 3 reopening of Singapore expected to be calibrated, cautious

If you are expecting nightlife to happen or have that 50 pax party at home, it may not be happening so soon. However, unrestricted travel destination may increase, concerts and theatres may be back and social gathering of more than 5 may be expanded

Source: ST

4) Places of Worship slowly open up to more worshippers as Covid19 rules eased.

Some places have increased to 100 participants with Live Music allowed

Source: ST 

5) Orient Express is coming to Singapore

Since we could not travel to France, France will come to us by way of the Orient Express

Orient Express will be in Singapore from Dec 12 with over 200 square meters of exhibition space.

Source: TWD

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