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How to Choose a Personalised Gift for Gamer

Do you have a Gamer at home?

The holidays are coming up and this is the best time for you to start shopping for your friends and family. You shouldn’t wait until the last second, especially if you plan to get a personalized gift for your loved ones. If you’re planning to buy a present for a gamer, then you should think about it well before you make the decision. See if you can get something made for them that relates to their favourite game. Or you could just get a generic gift that any gamer would love, especially if it’s custom-made. 

Read on to understand how you can get a personalized present for your gamer friend or family member. 

Are They Playing in a Dark Room?

If you’ve seen them play before and you know that they’re playing in a dark room, then maybe it’s time to change that! You can get a custom-made lighting system with panels that are installed on the wall. You can explain to them the benefits of LED lighting and how they can save money on utility bills. Also, it’s good for their eyes because playing games in the dark for too long isn’t healthy. You can have the panels personalized to display the person’s name and maybe their rank in the game they play. Something like Commander, Champion, or Lightbringer and then their name afterwards. The lights would have unique colours and they will have a control system to adjust the lighting. This will be a cool idea for your gamer loved one.

Bed Makeover

Maybe you would like to make them feel comfortable in their own bed with a personalized game theme. If they love playing Skyrim or World of Warcraft, then they will love a dragon theme very much. You could get them a custom-made accessory for their bed like dragon wings, a cool dragon head at the end of the bed, or maybe a dragon bedding set. Advice from the bedding designers at suggests that personalizing home d├ęcor will make any room unique and you can personalize all sheets, duvets, and comforters with dragon designs. Helping them with a dragon-themed bed sounds exciting and fun. This will make your loved one so happy and they will remember you every time they head to bed.

Customized Water Bottles

You can remind them to drink more water by getting them a custom-made water bottle that has the epic designs of their favourite game. You can tell them about the importance of drinking enough water and staying hydrated. Most gamers are too focused on their game that they forget to hydrate. This is a wonderful gift that can be useful to them and they will love the cool artwork, logo, or design that you’ve made for them. You should even have their name on it in the middle of the bottle’s design. Also, most water bottles have features that can keep the temperature inside as it is for hours. This means that they can enjoy a nice and cold drink of water for the entirety of their gaming session. 

Personalized Hoodie 

It would be cool if you get them a personalized hoodie that looked like a piece of gear in their game. Some of these clothes could be designed to have the icon of an in-game chest piece with stats and item quality. You should have it say Legendary or Epic, have a stat number for strength and stamina, and maybe write something fun like a special bonus to the hoodie when they wear it to match the design in their game. Since it’s a hoodie, you could have it say “Improves frost resistance rating by 100” and that’s a fun way to say that it will keep them warm. Most pieces of gear in the game would have the player’s name on it. Remember to add their name to the design and make them feel that it’s really their legendary hoodie in real life!

It would be wise if you think about all the games that your loved one plays and maybe even focus on their favourite game for the gift idea. It needs to be unique, fun, useful, and relatable to the person. Overall, even if you don’t know their favourite games, you can still get something made for them that they will love. So many ideas and choices are available for gamers and you can rest assured that every one of those options will be great. Show them how much they are loved and appreciated with a nice custom-made present. 

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