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Phase 3 : Akan Datang

 Daily Dose: Phase 3 is in the pipelines.

Back in April when Circuit Breaker was introduced, many had predicted that Phase 3 will only come a year later. Yet, in a span of slight over 6 months, Phase 3 was announced to be in the works and the expected timeline would be by year-end.

1) What does Phase 3 mean for everyone?

Increase Social Gathering from 5- 8 

For gathering in public venue, groups of 8 will be allowed. For those visiting, up to 8 guests are allowed in the household.

Increase Capacity Limits

Public spaces and event venues could be increased and multiple zones of 50 persons could be allowed. This meant that if the premises allow, more than 50 participants would be allow in.

Wedding and Congregational worship services can now be held in two zones of 50

Possible Pilot Nightlife spots

Nightlife venues likely to remain close, but limited pilots with measures in place such as pre entry testing may be allowed.

Possible additional safety measures and countermeasures

  • All guests to go through pre-event Covid19 Tests for high-risk activities such as weddings
  • 70 % take-up rate of Trace Together ( currently at 45%) to be achieved before Phase 3 is implemented.
  • Compulsory for cinema patrons to use Tracetogether.
  • TraceTogether to be deployed at restaurants, shopping malls and popular venues.To be made compulsory at Public Venue by End Dec. That means no more entry granted via Safe Entry
  • Not all measures to be implemented at one go.

Source: Today

2) 6 new Covid19 cases

  • 4 Imported
  • 2 Dorms

After a zero local community case, 2 cases from dorms are detected. One through quarantine and the other through surveillance. It is not over yet.

3) Weddings held at HDB common area can resume with a cap of 100 attendees

This includes couple but exclude vendors. Would this mean more wedding bells for the final quarter of 2020? Given the Covid19 situation for the past 6 months, the number of weddings had probably fallen to an all-time low. That would probably lead to lower birthrates for this year too.

The receptions must be also organised by a professional wedding organiser or companies providing related services.

Before applying to the town councils, wedding organisers and couples must first submit their event details to the Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI) and obtain a letter of acknowledgement

Source: Today

4) Live Performances to be allowed to resume at designated live performances venues from Nov 1

There is a cap of 50 audience members in 2 zones. Additionally, limit of the number of production crew and performers on stage not wearing masks. Do not expect international musicals in town anytime soon.

Source: Today

5) Covid19 vaccination in Singapore likely to be rolled out in 2021

That is base on the assumption that the vaccine will be ready by then.

Source: ST

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