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Trace Together Check-ins from End Dec : All you need to know

Trace Together will replace Safe Entry from end-December.

Checking in via the Tracetogether app or taken will be mandatory at all public venues by end-December. This would include restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls.

The current takeup rate for Tracetogether is about 45% or 2.5 million. The takeup rate has to be increased to 70% of the population before Phase 3 introduction.

What is TraceTogether?

It is a programme to enhance Singapore's contact tracing effort. It uses Bluetooth signals to record other nearby TraceTogether devices. With this, you could see who an infected Covid19 case has near contact with. Safe Entry does not have this as it only records the time and place that one has been to.

How to get TraceTogether?

There are currently 2 ways to obtain TraceTogether. If you have a smartphone, you can download the App. The other option is to get a physical token. 

For physical tokens, all residents (including pass holders) aged 7 and above are eligible to collect a token at selected Community Centres/ Clubs. Alternatively, you may collect your token at the TraceTogether Mobile Booth. There are 38 community centres and 13 mobile booths deployed at malls at this point. By end November, tokens will be available at all 108 cc

For collection point, you can check it from

For token collection, you would need to show your original ID with barcode to collect. Collection on behalf of family members is possible by producing their IDs. The Tokens can be used for entry at some locations (Correct as of 21 Oct)

TraceTogether-only Safe Entry

This will replace Safe Entry once it is implemented. With this system, it is compulsory to check in with the app or token at the specific locations. Safe Entry will not be use at these locations.

How does it work?

TraceTogether app includes a function for users to scan SafeEntry QR codes that are displayed.

TraceTogether token comes with a QR code that can be scanned for entry. Business will have to download a separate SafeEntry ( Business) scanning app on any smartphone to scan the QR Code on tokens.

Where will it be implemented?

At all public venues including but not limited to workplaces, schools, places of worship, malls, restaurants, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

When will it start?

The Mandatory TraceTogether check-in will start from now till mid-November at venues where activities involving large groups of people taking place. It was announced that Cinemas will kick off. this programme with compulsory TraceTogether check-in from Oct 26.

The majority of the venues will be introduced by end-December. This will allow the distribution of TraceTogether Token to reach a critical mass needed for this to be implemented successfully. 

Who needs to use?

All Singapore residents seven and above will  need to use the token or app to check-in 

Care Instructions for Tokens


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