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Daily Dose: Triple Zero

The 3rd time where zero local transmission are reported over the past 10 days. While on the surface, this is excellent news, dig deeper and you will see that there are 12 imported cases reported today. This had shown one thing. While we may be safe in our little red dot, the bigger world around us may not be the same. Unless we want to live like hermits and close ourselves to the world. This will be a risk we have to take.

1) 12 New Covid19 cases

There are no local cases in the community and dorms with ALL cases reported originated from Overseas. The majority of them are from the Philippines, Myanmar and Indonesia.

Source : MOH

2) Trace Together Check ins to be compulsory be end December.

If you have not collected your token or set up the App, please do so now. The take-up rate for Trace Together is also important as it has to reach 70% in order for Phase 3 to happen. All you need to know about Trace Together can be found here

Source: TWD

3) COE Prices mixed at end of Oct 21 bidding

Anyone looking to buy a car?

Small cars (up to 1600cc & 97kW) went up by 2.19 per cent to S$37,334.

Large cars (above 1600cc or 97kW) go up from S$40,690 in the previous bidding exercise to S$40,990.

In the motorcycle category, premiums went down to S$7,300, compared to S$7,451 in the previous bidding exercise.

Finally, in the open category, which can be used for any types of vehicles, premiums went down by 1.02 per cent to S$39,889.

Source: Today

4 More people topping up CPF retirement funds

More than 198,000 top ups are made under the Retirement Sum Topping up scheme. 

With Fixed deposit interest dropping to as low as 0.3% , it is hardly surprising that many are moving to CPF that pays out 4%. In fact, if you have not reached the CPF annual cap, topping up might be a wise move for your idle funds.

Source: ST

For more on CPF retirement scheme top up, refer to CPF here

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