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Daily Dose: Sail Away, Sail Away

We can't fly this holiday, but we still can go 'overseas' by sailing away. Cruise to nowhere will start from November with not one but 2 cruise lines, Genting and Royal Caribbean International offering rooms. 

At 50% capacity and safety measures such as frequent cleaning, no recycled air and even full refund, if you are tested positive thereafter, sounds like a deal. 

Would you sail away?

1) 9 new Covid19 Cases

  • 4 Dorms  ( 1 Quarantine, 3 Surveillance)
  • 5 Imported.

The new reporting by MOH needs a little getting use to. The headline states that there are 4 new cases of locally transmitted Covid19 while the total case is at 9. A little misleading?

Interesting imported cases are now more diverse. There are cases from Nepal, France and Japan with a French on Short Term Visit pass. A 2-year-old Singaporean returns from Nepal.

Source : MOH

2) Singapore to start ‘cruises to nowhere’ from November under the pilot scheme

-No pors of calls

-All passengers (age 13 and above) to be tested for Covid19 prior to boarding.

-Mask wearing and safe distancing at all times.

-50% capacity

-Crew to be quarantined for 14 days and tested negative before departure.

Royal Caribbean now accepts booking for cruises that start from Dec 1. Those tested positive before the cruise will get full credit for future sailing. Those tested positive during the cruise will get full refund. a $25000 per person Covid19 related costs will also be covered.

Source: Today

Have not gone on a cruise? This is what to expect.

3) Singapore first phase 3 antibody trail ready to enrol Covid19 Patients

Any Volunteers?

First, you would have to be sick enough to be hospitalised.

Hospitalised Covid-19 patients here will now have a new treatment option: to take part in Singapore's first phase three monoclonal antibody trial

In Singapore, NCID will be enrolling patients with pneumonia or high-risk patients older than 45, with chronic health problems such as diabetes or high blood pressure. Healthy individuals will not be included in the trial.

Local patients in the Activ-3 trial will be monitored for 90 days and seen daily for the first five days. This is to observe possible side effects and determine how they are responding to treatment.

Source: ST

4) When Singapore homes become workspaces, huge changes in the house and beyond.

Good read on the future trend of Work from Home even after Covid19.

Source: CNA

5)Property developers given 6 more months of relief for projects disrupted by Covid-19

This should bring some relief to buyers who purchased these properties. 

Source: Today

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