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Singapore Cable Car Sky Pass Review : A Great Way to 'Fly'


2020 is the year that we stay grounded... or so we thought.

Despite not being able to fly for holidays this year due to Covid19, it does not necessarily mean that we cannot get our foot off the ground.

There is always the Cable Car experience that we could do in Singapore. A round trip from Mount Faber to Sentosa takes about 30 minutes. To double the fun, take a cable car ride within Sentosa on the Sentosa Line. This is as good as a flight to KL in terms of airtime. Furthermore, there are lots to see during the flight. Instead of just clouds in the sky, you get to enjoy aerial views of Singapore from 300 ft above sea levels!

Faber Peak
The cost of the flight would cost less than a plane ticket to KL for a family of 4. Local residents can enjoy the Cable Car Sky Pass for a round trip on both Sentosa Line and Mount Faber Line from $17.5 for child and $24.5 for adult. That is a savings of up to 30% compared to a one-way trip.

Mount Faber Line

Singapore Cable Car

Start your Cable Car adventure on the Mount Faber Line. 
Cable Car

Take the cable car from Faber Peak. At Faber Peak, you could also choose to head there for a meal before your flight.

Faber Peak

Enjoy aerial views of the Mount Faber from Faber Peak to Harbourfront. Check out the black and white houses on Mount Faber.
Black and White House at Mount Faber

Spot the Prima Tower, Singapore's last revolving tower that has closed due to Covid19. 

Prima Tower

See Vivocity from the Sky and catch a glimpse of the City skyline.


On the other side, you will have an aerial view of AYE heading towards Tuas

After Harbourfront, the Cable Car will travel across the Keppel Harbour en route to Sentosa. 

Harbourfront Station

Here you would have a bird's eye view of the Caribbean and Reflections Condominiums on your right (towards Sentosa) and a view of Brani Island on the left. 

If you have a camera, do take photos of Brani Island before it disappears ( it will be revamped in the coming years to be a leisure spot)
Brani Island

Up ahead is Sentosa Island where the spawning Resort World Sentosa greets you. 
Bird's Eye View 

Here you can see the Universal Studios and even spot a couple of Dolphins from Seaworld. On the far right, you can even spot the Skywalk from Fort Siloso.

In about 15 minutes, you would have reached Sentosa.

Disembark on Sentosa and take a 5 mins stroll to Imbiah Lookout Station located near the Luge Ride for your trip on the Sentosa Line 
Imbiah Lookout Station

The cabins at Sentosa lines are colourful in contrast with the sleek black cabins of Mount Faber Line.

Travel down to Merlion Station, a short 250 meters away to catch a glimpse of the Merlion before it says its last goodbye. 
View from Merlion Station
Here you can exit to head to Universal Studios or Sea World. Alternatively, stay in the cabin for an 880 meters ride to Siloso Beach.
880 meters to Siloso

Interesting, there is another 'cable car' ride on the island - The Luge Skyride!
Luge Skyride

If you are in Sentosa, there is a special local resident rate of $2 for child and $3 for an adult for a round trip on this line, making it convenient for you to head from USS to Palawan or Siloso and vice versa.

The view on this line is as spectacular with views of Siloso Beach and beyond. At Siloso Point, the main attractions are Siloso Beach, Fort Siloso and Rasa Sentosa.

On the other side, you have paronomic views of the mainland.

Siloso Point

After Siloso Point, head back to Palawan Station.

Siloso Point Staton

Disembark here and transfer back to Mount Faber Line for your ride back to the mainland.

If you had not taken the cable car for a few years now, why not take the family along for this experience. From December onwards, All Singaporeans aged 18 and above will get $100 worth of digital vouchers via Singpass. Hopefully, this attraction will be included and you can then take your family on a flight for FREE!*

As of now, masks wearing is compulsory, even on a flight. Do your part in keeping Singapore safe by wearing your mask at all time!

TWD was provided Cable Car Skypass for this experience. All opinions are of our own.

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