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World Farm Singapore Review : Singapore's Largest Nursery Farm for public?

Step into plant lover's haven. 
World Farm is one of Singapore's largest nursery farm. Established in 1991, the farm is selling potted indoor and outdoor plants, herbs, trees and more. The expansive landscape filled with rows and rows of potted plants would dwarf your neighbourhood nurseries. It is so large that spending half a day there to walk and admire the plants would not be an issue.

While some mega nurseries in Singapore are closed to the public, World Farm is open to all. Entrance to World Farm is free. You may think you do not require a plant now, but we think a visit to World Farm would change your mind.


A visit to the garden farm with kids would be refreshing compared to playgrounds. Not only would they be exposed to nature, but they might also pick up a few gardening knowledge (Eg which types of plants are suitable for indoor or outdoor). For this coming school holidays, exploring a nursery could be one of the things to do off the beaten track,
At the entrance of the farm, you have 2 options to explore. The shaded plants and the plants that require full sunlight. Some shaded plants can be kept indoor with just bright sunlight. Keeping plants in HDB and Condos is possible with such plants.

We spotted a large variety of flowering plants, bonsais and many leafy plants. Compared to most nurseries, we think the price is very competitive here. Some variety of plants are selling 20-50% cheaper here. If you take your time and explore, you might discover hidden gems too.

How to Shop?

This is a self-service farm. Pick up one of their humongous trolleys and go around the farm to pick your plants. If you need delivery, free delivery is provided for purchases above $200.

We like how detailed information of the plants are shown. Details such as required sunlight or shade, how many time to water would be useful for those learning about plants.

What to buy?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so we shall just let the following photos paint the picture of the farm.

Indoor Plants

Outdoor Plants

Herbs and Spices

Pond Plants


For those with a yard or garden, you might want to plant some trees. For low maintenance and a neat but grand look, we reckoned the Happiness Trees ( Garcinia Subelliptica) are a popular choice judging from the sights of them in many estates. A 1.5m tall tree retails for $85.60 here. Comparatively, we had seen similar trees selling for $160 at other nurseries. 

It's a steal here. Needless to say, we carted away a pair of the smaller Garcinia Subelliptica to grow on a planter box.

Retail Shop

Other than flowers, there is a retail shop at the front of the nursery. 

If you are looking for garden tools, pots and gardening-related stuff, this is a good place to find them.

How much time to spend there?

Given the size of World Farm, expect to spend an hour or more if you are there looking for plants to add to your garden. If you are meticulous, it may even take a whole day!

World Farm Co Pte Ltd
15 Bah Soon Pah Road
Singapore 769962
Opening Hours
Mon-Sat : 8am -6pm
Sun : 9am- 1pm

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