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The New Norm


Daily Dose: The new Norm

Just when you get used to Safe Entry Check-in, TraceTogether will be taking over its place by end of the year. In addition, Rapid test may be conducted for bigger events in the future. This is going to be our new norm to move forward until a vaccine is found.

Normally, by this time, most will be looking forward to their year-end trips. A year ago, such scenarios are unimaginable. Today, it has become our reality. While we may whine about the inconvenience and privacy issues, the bigger picture is that these measures are essential in order for us to move forward. It may seem odd that Singapore is one of the few countries that are implementing this. However, if you look at how we are doing for Covid19, for a densely populated country, we are doing exceptionally well.

This means Singapore will be seen as a safe location for travel. This will bodes well for our little red dot. While import cases remains a threat, with a system for proper contact tracing, it is a small inconvenience we have to bear till things normalised. 

1) 3 New Covid19 cases

  • 1 Dorm
  • 2 Imported

The numbers have fallen below single digit once more with no community cases. The sole case from the dorm is from surveillance.  Imported cases are from UAE and France. Interestingly, there appears to be a steady flow of India Nationality from UAE reported over the past week. Could that be a possibility of a loophole here?

Source: MOH

2) Several malls on Orchard Road in the heartlands among 14 places visited by Covid19

Despite the low number of cases, the number of places visited are quite a lot. Take note if you have been to the following locations.

  • Tampines Mall on Oct 12 between 3pm and 3.40pm
  • McDonald’s outlet at Tampines Interchange on Oct 13 between 12.05pm and 1.35pm
  • Fu Lu Shou Complex at 149 Rochor Road on Oct 13 between 2.40pm and 3.45pm
  • Kimly Zi Char eatery at Block 742A Tampines Street 72 on Oct 14 between 7.30pm and 8.45pm
  • Kopitiam food court at Our Tampines Hub on Oct 15 between 10.15am and 11.05am
  • Delifrance cafe at Lot One Shoppers’ Mall on Oct 16 between 12.55pm and 2pm
  • Blackball dessert shop at Lot One Shoppers’ Mall on Oct 16 between 3.20pm and 4.30pm
  • Wild Honey restaurant at Mandarin Gallery on Oct 16 between 5.35pm and 7.20pm
  • Don Don Donki outlet at Orchard Central mall on Oct 16 between 7.30pm and 8pm
  • Go Noodle House at 313@Somerset mall on Oct 16 between 8.10pm and 9.40pm 
  • Eat eatery at Paya Lebar Quarter Mall on Oct 17 between 10.05am and 10.55am
  • Kallang Wave Mall on Oct 17 between 11.30am and 12.35pm
  • Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King Four Seasons at 158 Rochor Road on Oct 17 between 5.45pm and 6.35pm
  • Ion Orchard mall on Oct 17 between 8.45pm and 9.40pm

Source: Today

3) Safety net put along Changi Jurassic Mile after visitor injured by golf ball.

It looks more like Jurassic Park now...

Safety netting has been put up along parts of the Changi Jurassic Mile following an incident last week when a visitor was injured by a golf ball from an adjacent golf course.

Source: Today

4) People urged to collect TraceTogether tokens only at their own constituencies

One should not run around to collect TraceTogether Token. Download and use the app first. By end Nov, the tokens should be ready in all 108 CC. The compulsory use of TraceTogether will only be enforce after everyone who needs a token has a chance to collect one.

Source: ST

5) Smooth start to Singapore's first pre event Covid19 screening.

This could be the norm for the next year until a vaccine is found. 

The pilot run uses Antigen Rapid Test for SIEW 2020. 215 tests were done and no positive case.

Source : ST

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