McDonald's Happy Meal Toy October / November 2020 : Jurassic World and Pikmi Pops


McDonald's Happy Meal Toys is back with a roar. For the month of October and November, McDonald will be giving a Jurassic World or Piki Pops toys for every Happy Meal Purchase. 

There are 4 different designs from each set to choose. You can start collecting from 22 Oct to 25 Nov.

We love the Little Jurassic World dinosaurs. Each toy comes in an egg with a baby Dinosaur inside!

22-28 Oct:  Indominus Rex

29 - 4 Nov: Triceratops

5- 11 Nov: Bumpy the Ankylosaurus

19-25 Nov: Tyrannosaurus Rex

If Dinosaurs are not your cup of tea, this colourful set of Pikmi Pops would make a little child's day!

22-28 Oct:  Skittle the Llama

29 - 4 Nov: Fetti the Cat

5- 11 Nov: Leroy the Monkey

19-25 Nov: Ebby the Bunny

Instead of toys, you could also opt for the book series. 

There is a new book series Treetop Twins Wilderness Adventures Book Series. The books were written by Cressida Cowell, the English children author who is well known for her book ' How to Train a Dragon'.

This month title is 'The Twins Meet a Monkey'


Choose between a book or toy for each Happy Meal purchase!

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