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Trace Together Woes

Daily Dose: Trace Together woes

TraceTogether had been announced as mandatory by end Dec. This lead to a rush for TraceTogether Token and long queues at some collection points. While there is an App for it, it is well known that it causes battery drain, especially with the iPhone system.

As of now, only 38 collection points are provided. By end of Nov, it will be available at all 108 community centres. The number of collection points should have been ramped up the moment it was announced as mandatory to prevent a bottleneck.  In any case, we should all start preparing for it by switching to TraceTogether for Safe Entry use.

After all, once we hit 70% take-up rate, Phase 3 might just show up...

1) 5 new Covid19 Cases

  • 3 Imported
  • 2 Dorms

The virus is still active in dorms. While it is under control, the threat is still very much alive.

Source: MOH

2) 250 fans allowed at MMA show

The first sports events to allow fans will hit town next week. Up to 250 fans will be allowed to attend One Championship MMA Fight Card- One: Inside the Matrix. The caveat, the fans would need to undergo antigen tests for the coronavirus pre-entry.

Will you take the test to see the show?

Source: Today

3) Workplace Convenience, saving phone battery power among reasons for rush for TraceTogether Tokens.

The hottest queue in town now is not for the iPhone 12 or bubble tea. Instead, it is for TraceTogether Tokens.

There were long queues at some of the 38 community centres (CC) and clubs to collect the device on the first weekend since the Government announced that checking in with the TraceTogether app or token will be mandatory by end-December at all popular venues, such as restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls.

Do note that tokens will be available at all 108 community centres worldwide. If you have the app on your down, you need not collect the tokens. The app might be more convenient as it works like Safe Entry App. 

Source: ST

4) Shortcuts for Trace Together Tokens to check-in faster.

We found 6 ways to check in faster with Trace Together App. Check out out in this post.

Source: TWD

5) Use of 2 flu vaccines should stop temporarily after deaths in S Korea

This may cast doubts on vaccine especially on the Covid19 vaccines that were developed at a much faster pace

Source: ST

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