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TraceTogether App Shortcuts : 6 Ways to check in faster with iPhone

 TraceTogether will be mandatory by December.

It will replace Safe Entry Check in for all public venues including restaurants, workplaces, schools and shopping malls. In the past, Trace Together was not integrated with Safe Entry. With the lastest updates, the essential functions of both apps are merged into one. So if you have not update your TraceTogether App, update first before doing the following.

There are 2 ways to use TraceTogether. You can use an App available on your smartphone or get a token that will be scan for entry. TraceTogether would use Bluetooth signal to record other nearby Together Devices and will store these information in the app or token for 25 days. Should you have any contact with Covid19 case, TraceTogether will be able to track it. 

With the latest app updates, TraceTogether can replace the mandatory Safe Entry Check in use for entrance to most places. With iPhone, there are some shortcuts that would be useful.

1) TraceTogether with Siri Voice Command

Like the previous Safe Entry Check in, you could use Siri Voice Command to activate Trace Together.

Simply open the app, go Tips and ShortCut and add the shortcut to Siri Voice Command.

You can customised what to say to at Siri to activate it

2) TraceTogether with Back Tap

As with Safe Entry App, once you add the Siri Shortcuts on the TraceTogether App, you can use the Back Tap to activate it.

Do the following to activate it

  • Go to Settings ­čá×Accessibility ­čá× Touch ­čá×Back Tap ­čá×Double Tap / Triple Tap
  • Assign Trace Together Safe Entry on either commands.

Do note that Siri Shortcuts MUST be activated on the app before you do this.

3) Trace Together Siri Shortcut Widget

Instead of Siri, there is always a Widget shortcut to scan QR code and check in with one touch.

Once you activate the Siri Shortcuts on the TraceTogether App, it will appear as a Siri Shortcut

4) TraceTogether Widget

Trace Together also has a dedicated Widget similar to Safe Entry Widget. You can use it in lieu of the Siri Shortcut. Currently, it is only limited to check in via QR Code Scan.

5) Trace Together Group Check In

To speed up check in, you can also assign members of family or friends to Group. This allows you to check in for yourselves and people in the group with just one check in.

6) Trace Together Favourite Check in

To speed up check in at your frequent locations, there is now a favourite tab in the app. Add the place to your favourite by tapping on the Star icon in the app once you check it. When done, it will be stored under favourite for faster check in.

How to download?

Trace Together can be downloaded from Apple App Store or Google Play Store

It had been announced that TraceTogether has to have a take up rate of 70% before Phase 3 starts. Given the case, you might as well start using this app instead of Safe Entry app for check it.

Do your part, share this post and clear the path for Phase 3 in Singapore!

Disclosure: Post inspired by Mr Brown tweet

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