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5 Reason why You Should Plan a Staycation this Year End Holidays

Year-End School Holidays is just around the corner.

Normally, by this time, many would have planned holidays aboard. Afterall the long year-end holiday is the best time to unwind for both parents and children.

However, 2020 is unlike other years where Covid19 had clipped our wings. Saved for a tentative travel bubble with Hong Kong, most countries had closed their borders to Singapore. As such, the majority of us will be staying put in Singapore.

That said, there is still time to plan for a Staycation instead of a Vacation. Here are 5 reasons why you should do so.

1 Bonding time for family

2020 had provided many opportunities for parents and their children to be at home due to Working From Home and Home Base Learning. However, this also blurred the distinction between work, home and school.  

To get away from it all and to have something more refreshing, a staycation would be a welcoming distraction. At the very least, a Staycation would feel like a holiday where work and school are put aside and family time takes over.

2 Rediscover Singapore and be a tourist in your own backyard

A staycation does not always mean a stay at Sentosa, you could also choose hotels within the Civic District and visit the many historical, architectural and cultural heritage we have. From exploring the National Gallery, strolling along Singapore River in the evening or visiting the Museums, there is plenty to keep one entertained. 

Alternatively, head to the East and stay at the airport hotels ( Yotel or Crown Plaza Hotel) and pretend to go on holiday without taking the plane. Visit the new Jurassic Mile to see life-size dinosaurs along the new Changi Airport Connector to East Coast Park.

Or head to the west and do a farm stay at Gallop Kranji Farm. For a more atas experience,  Gardenesia would make a much exclusive choice with its 3 villas (It is currently close but if you are lucky, it may open for the holidays) . Visit Hay Diaries or  Koi Farms like Marugen Koi Farm in the vicinity.

If you decided that Sentosa is still the way to go, book a room in a resort-style hotel. You can also explore Fort Siloso or chill by the idyllic Quayside.  

A staycation in Singapore can be as interesting as you want it to be.

3 Make use of ReDiscover Vouchers

All Singaporeans aged 18 and above will get $100 worth of digital vouchers. You can collect theses credits via Singpass from December. In denominations of $10, it can be used separately or all at once. Choose from over 200 hotels for staycation, 40 leisure attractions and more than 400 local tour itineraries to utilize the voucher. A staycation that is partially subsidised sounds like a great deal.

4 Save time and money

The only option for holiday now is a potential trip to Hong Kong. However, you probably would have to pay a princely sum for the experience. Other than the surging airfares due to limited seats, you also need to foot the bill for compulsory swab tests. A staycation would be a much better option minus the travel and the risk of infection from Covid19 in another country.

5 Refresh, Recharge 

A staycation is the best time for one to take a step back from reality. Without the urge to check emails or work on computer

s, it is the best time to relax and unwind. Make the best of this holiday and book a staycation.

If you are looking for suitable hotels for families, check out the list we compile for hotels that are family-friendly!

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