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Daily Dose: 12.12.12

Nope, it is not 12.12.12. Rather as of 12 pm yesterday, this is the 12 day without a local Covid19 case with 12 imported cases. Hence 12.12.12. 12 is supposed to be an auspicious number symbolising completeness. 

On that note, not all things were auspicious. HK - Spore Travel Bubble that was supposed to start yesterday popped as Covid19 cases in HK shoots up. It has since been suspended for another 2 weeks. However, should the cases in HK continue to rise, it will be above the average daily Covid19 cases that were set as a base for reopening the borders. Looks like that year-end overseas trip may just have to wait a little longer.

1) 12 Covid19 cases

12 Imported

12 days of zero local transmission. We are on track for 2 weeks of no cases and that is symbolic as the virus incubation period is said to be 14 days. On the other hand, there are 12 imported cases reported. The cases mainly are from India, Indonesia and the Philippines. These 3 countries had bee consistently on the imported list for the past few weeks.

Source: MOH


2) HK - Singapore Travel Bubble suspended for 2 weeks

Some travellers were disappointed. While we understand the disappointment, isn't health more important than fun?

Nonetheless, there is still a valid reason for travel especially for those with families on either side.

Source: ST


3) 2 Singapore Private Plane pilots make an emergency landing on North-South Expressway in Johor

It's not every day you see a plane land on the expressway. Kudos to Johor for the assistance.

Source: ST


4) Drains, canals near capacity after heavy Sunday afternoon rain.

Ponding reported at Tampines and Pasir Ris. The once in 50 years event has been a regular occurrence after torrential rain.

Source: ST



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