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Daily Dose : 13 days without a case.

One more day and we will reach the significant 14 days incubation period for Covid19.

3 months ago, this looks like an impossible task. With over 58,000 cases, having zero cases for just 1 day seem to be a miracle. Today, we reach 13. We have not completely eradicated the virus due to import cases, but this is a good start.

1) 5 Covid19 Cases

5 Imported

Imported cases are from India, Indonesia and France. 13 days without a single local community case till date.

Source: MOH


2) SingapoRediscovers Vouchers can be used from Dec 1

Find out how and where to use SingapoRediscovers Vouchers


3 Woman sues PUB for $5 million after falling into manhole, say the accident caused schizophrenia

While the incident is regrettable, the claims sound incredulous according to the report. Evil Spirits, laser beams are just part of it, the other part was on employment claim where the paycheque presented was signed by the victim and the company was here own. This is important as she claims loss of income as a result of the fall.

Source: ST


4 Decision to suspend air travel between HK and SPore was made jointly based on parameters set out earlier.

One f the parameter is the seven day Moving average of unlinked cases. It is now 3.86. The initial threshold was 5 but with the situation worsening in HK, it may exceed. If there are more than 22 unlinked cases over 3 days, this will be breached. For the record, HK reported 73 new cases on Monday.

Source: Today


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