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5 Days

 Daily Dose: 5 Days

5 days without a single reported local community case.

This is the longest we had since Pre Circuit Breaker days. Will we be able to reach a week without any cases? Covid19 has an incubation of 14 days. Once we reached that, it could signal Phase 3 around the corner.

1) 3 Covid19 Cases 

  • 3 Imported

The imported cases are from India (PR ) and a short term visitor from Italy on a work project. For the fifth day, we have zero local cases. Can we keep this up?

Source: MOH


2) Latest round of Covid19 cases in HK

There are 15 new cases linked to China Secret Bar in Tsim Sha Tsui and 10 cases tied to staycation Holiday in Mui Wo. Additionally, these are new strains that are lined to a strain in South Asia Country.

The travel Bubble to HK will start on Nov 22. Will this pop the bubble?

With HK visitors allowed to visit Singapore without Quarantine, there is a possibility that the virus could be reintroduced to the community. Is this our weakest link?

3) Statue of Mary in Courtyard of Hougang Church found defaced.

In a multi-racial society like Singapore, incidents like this have the potential to lead to disharmony among religion. The culprit would need to be caught and punished. Singapore is too small a place to start any religious or race discord.

PS: If you have photos, please do not circulate it and cause more distress to the community.

Source: Today


4) NTUC Learning Hub CEO Kwek Kok Kwong dies at 53.

Our condolences to the family. Mr Kwek collapsed after a cycling session and could not be resuscitated.

Life is unpredictable. Treasure your loved ones.

Source: ST


5) Geylang Lor 3 home, the first leasehold residential properties to expire in Dec.

These houses were sold in 1960 with 60-year lease expiry on Dec 31. In a blink of an eye, Public Housing has been around Singapore for 60 years already.  There are 191 2 storey Public Houses at Geylang Lor 3. The houses were sold as low as $4850 during the launch!

Source: ST


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