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Wet Wet Wet


Daily Dose: Wet Wet Wet

When the weather becomes a 'top' news story, you know it is a slow news day. Nonetheless, prepare a brolly when you are out. You never know if it is going to be a rainy day!

1) 5 New Covid19 cases

3 Imported case

Day 6 of zero local transmission. We are edging closer to 1 week without cases. Will we achieve it?

The imported cases are from the UK, India, Russia and Indonesia

Source: MOH


2) Singapore will not be last in the queue for Covid19 vaccine.

Given the spending power of this tiny red dot, it is highly unlikely that we will be last.  The question is, what it will cost for Singapore residents?

Source: ST


3) At least 7 seen allegedly partying together at RWS hotel

One of the criteria for Phase 3 is that there is compliance with safe management measures. Such incidents together with the many others in parks, basketball courts, the beach does not bode well. If we simply bo chap, Phase 3 or not, people will gather beyond the limit. 

Source: AsiaOne


4) Wet Weather to continue in the next 2 weeks. The temperature may rise to 35 degrees.

It is going to be a wet and hot November!

Be prepared for flash flood.

Source: ST


5) Moderna says its vaccine is 94.5% effective.

I really want a 99 % effective vaccine before taking one. In any case, does anyone remember the show 'I am Legend'? 

The people turned to Zombies as a result of taking a cure for Cancer! 

Source:  ST


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