McDonald's Japan Offering : Samurai Burger , Ninja Burger, Seaweed Shaker Fries back from Nov 19

If you cannot go to Japan, McDonald's will bring Japan to you.

McDonald's will be relaunching a seasonal crowd favourite from Nov 19 2020.

Samurai Beef Burger

The Samurai Beef Burger ( From $6.20) will be back. The Quarter Pound Beef Patty served with teriyaki sauce, lettuce and mayo would delight the fans. If you want more, top-up to double beef patties for a hearty meal.

Ninja Chicken Burger

If you are more into Ninja than Samurai, there will be Ninja Chicken Burgers ( From $6.20). This features a crispy chicken thigh splash with sweet nanban sauce, white cabbage, cucumbers and Japanese Tatar sauce. Since Ninja loves black, this is served with black charcoal buns for the stealth feel.

Seaweed Shaker Fries

It does not matter if you choose Samurai or Ninja Burger. The experience is never complete without Seaweed Shaker Fries. Upsize your meal from $0.70 for it.

Items will only be available after breakfast hours.

Coffee Milk Tea Ice Cream Series

As a bonus for coffee lovers, these new treats will be launched on the same day.

The series will consist of a Cone ( from $1), Sundae ( From $2) and McFlurry ( From $3). Avaliable only at McDonald's Dessert Kiosk after breakfast hours for a limited time only.

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