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Daily Dose: Change?

Will there be a change in the world today?

US election has now ended with the counts coming in. Even though the election is miles away, the final outcome will determine if the world's battle against Covid19 turn the corner or a full out war. At the time of writing, it would seem Trump may hold on to the presidency for the next 4 years. However, it isn't over until the fat lady sings.

Back on the homefront, our 3 days winning streak against Covid19 falters with 9 new cases including 2 picked up from surveillance in the dorms. 

1) 9 Covid19 Cases

  • 7 Imported
  • 2 Dorms

The 'winning' streak was broken with 2 dorms cases in Singapore. Imported cases are diverse from the Philippines, India, UAE, Germany and Bangladesh.

Source: MOH

2) Robinson woe continues

20 customer complaints filed seeking refunds for mattress and vouchers

Some customers did not recieve the mattress as the supplier informed them that delivery has been put on hold until payment from Robinsons.

Source: Today

3) Singapore to stop issuing new $1000 from Jan 2021

The reason was to counter money laundering and terrorism

Source: TWD

4) Counters to set up, including 40 CC for redemptions of SingapoResidcovers Vouchers

Maybe you can collect the TraceTogether Token when you collect the vouchers. There will be a total of 66  counters islandwide with at least one in public housing town.

Source: Today

5) Results of US Elections

Results are coming fast and furious. Head down to CNN to see the latest projections and results here

Source: CNN

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