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Sudio Femtio Review : Wireless Speaker That Rocks

Sudio had been one of our favourite headphones.

From Sudio Tolv to their latest Active Noise Cancellation Sudio ETT, we had positive experiences with their headsets.  Thus, when we learn that Sudio has expanded its line with wireless speakers, we are delighted to give it a go.

Sudio Femito

Sudio Femtio is Sudio latest addition to the family with a twist. Instead of a headset, it is a wireless speaker. Dressed in Silver, Anthracite and Black, this cylinder speaker promised to pack a punch well above its diminutive size.

Compatible with both Android and IOS, this little beast has a playtime of up to 14 hours in total. With a range of 10m, it supports Bluetooth version 5. 

What's inside the box

It is more than a speaker as it has a built-in microphone that supports voice-assisted Siri and Google Assistant. For those who like to sing in the shower, you would be glad to know that it is rated IPX6, where high pressure, heavy sprays of water is not an issue. Bring it to the beach or even a hurricane, it will still work!

Sound Quality

Setting up the Femito is easy. Just turn on Bluetooth of your device, connect to the device and you are good to go. Packing a 10W+ 10 W sound, it is more than sufficient to fill a room. The rich and vivid sound packs enough bass for an impromptu party. 

With Dual Pairing feature, you can connect 2 Sudio Femtio Speakers to one device. This effectively gives you an immersive coverage if you place each speaker on the opposite end of each other. 

We love how the low bass and the clear vocals coming out of this mini speaker

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