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It's not over until the Fat Lady Sings

Daily Dose: It's not over until the Fat Lady Sings

The proverb runs through as what we had seen in the US election. 24 hours ago, President Trump looks set to have another 4 years in the office. As of today, the opponent, Biden is on the crux of getting the win with 264 seats called for him vs 214 for Trump. It takes 270 electoral votes to win and Biden is leading in Nevada with 6 seats.

But it is not over yet, the President is filing a suit of lawsuits in various states to overturn the count or stop the count. US election might settle tonight pending lawsuits by end of today. While the count stop may stop, the drama will continue at least for the next few weeks. The final outcome could impact Singapore's economic livelihood.

One takeaway we can have is the stability of politics in Singapore. In election time, it may not be the most cordial, but at least drama and uncertainty are unfamiliar territories in Singapore. For that, we are thankful. The other, never take things in life for granted.

1)  7 new covid19 cases

2 Dorms

5 Imported

While US has their drama, we have our own mini sage. Covid19 continue to be detected from dorms. Cases are also recorded from imported cases from Myanmar, Indonesia, Switzerland

Source: MOH

2) COE falls across the board at end of Nov 4 bidding exercise

Small cars fell to $35 990

Large cars fell to $39 000

Source: Today

3) Phase 3 could last over a year, restrictions may be imposed if cases spike again.

This year's Christmas, New Year Eve and even next Chinese New Year would be very different from before...

Mr Gan said group size limits depend on factors such as how frequently an activity takes place, what potential risks it has, and whether additional safety measures can be implemented to mitigate such risks.

Source: ST

4) Nearly 140 maids tested positive for Covid19 so far.

A total of 139 foreign domestic workers (FDW) have tested positive for COVID-19 as of Oct 28, said Manpower Minister Josephine Teo in a written parliamentary reply on Wednesday. 109 are imported cases, 30 are locally transmitted with 24 having links to existing household cases.

Source: CNA

5) Some mattress suppliers to honour orders by Robinson's Customers

Sealy, Simmons and King Koil said they will honour and fulfil orders of customers who paid Robinsons in full despite not being paid.

This is a very good gesture from these companies.

Source: CNA

6) Almost there

According to some media site, Biden is just one state away from becoming US President. As of the time of writing, there are still 4 outstanding with Biden leading in one and just 1 % difference in 2 other states.

Source: FOX

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