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Doors are Opening


Daily Dose: Doors are Opening

Just when you think you are on track,2 local cases in the community pop up. Given that there are unlink, it is highly likely that carriers are in our midst. Additionally, most foreigners are required to take a Covid19 test prior to arrival to Singapore.

Do not let your guard down!

On the positive side, those who are planning to travel aboard, you can do so now as HK- Spore will open the doors on Nov 22

1) 9 new cases of  Covid19 Transmission

  • 7 Imported cases
  • 1 Community Case
  • 1 Dorm

After 4 days, the virus strikes back. 2 local cases reported with one from the community and the other from dorms. For imported cases, they are a mix of cases from Indonesia and UAE.

Source: MOH

2) Foreigners from most areas entering Singapore from Nov 18 must be tested for Covid19 before starting their trip. 

It is about time, given the number of daily imported case.

Exemptions are made for the following countries Australia, Brunei, mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia (excluding Sabah state), New Zealand, Taiwan and Vietnam. Singaporeans Citizens or PR are exempted. 

Source: Today

3) 10 charged with going to a club during circuit breaker for business, social gathering

Aiyoh, I thought clubs are closed. what business needs to be done at 1210am??

Source: Today

4) Singapore HK air travel bubble to start on Nov 22 with one flight a day to each city

With pend up demand, expect the airfares to soar!

Source: ST

5) Bugis Street, Mustafa Centre, Jurong Point and Kitchener Complex among new places visited by infectious Covid19 case

This should be from the 2 who were tested positive yesterday

Source: ST

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